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Sugar Rush Models in N64 version
3D Modelling 
[Image: iVp_QTQROgJYcix-ezedihpEMt6hC8rDwWsyLLeb...346-h215-p]
These models designed by The regressor, we can give us an idea of how it would be if the game Sugar Rush (Wreck-it-Ralph) really existed in 1997. I always knew that development should be a fake, but I read on a page saying that the game is canceled as if they were really developing it, and I also found a download link, which seemed to me a good opportunity to download them.

[Image: Wreck-it-Ralph_unity_sugar_racers.png]
The models were reused in the version 1.6 of Wreck-it-Ralph unity:



Models page:
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sugar rush is a sidescroller fighting game by nexon. its 2d theres not even any models for it
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Ok, they are games or not, there is more than one containing the name of Sugar Rush:
One is a game that is a bit like Pac-Man, another of 2012 I've seen in IndieDB, and another has him in an episode of Regular Show, etc.
But this concept, like the example I told you, has nothing to do with what you just said.
What I'm counting on in this thread, is the Sugar Rush class of the best known (like racing game that appears in the Wreck-It Ralph movie) and is one of those that better fits with this name.

The same happens with name of characters, For example, there are more than one called Mario, and have nothing to do with the Nintendo's plumber, or others who are called Sonic, and have nothing to do with the Blue Hedgehog, just for speed. So think before you say those things.
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