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Xinus23 Models
Hello everyone. Here as you can guess i will submit my trashy models.

I want to start with that one bad looking Marina From N64 game Mischief Makers. I decided do model her because i haven't seen much models of her.
Also i am pretty bad at making textures so the model looks like the one from N64 game cover but less creepy.

Actually i have some Clancer stuff from same game but it isn't finished right now
And Sorry for my bad English. I am from Russia
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Oh thank god no one answered. Because since i posted this i feel very uncommfortable. Because a few hours ago i understand how shitty that model was. I can't even look at it. Well, good thing that clancer stuff look a lot better(i think) at that point. I want to post it but i am too lazy to finish accessories(like Hats, Moustache, hair etc) and rig.
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Bro I'll admit it, your model isn't the best. But don't let that discourage you. I'm horrible at 3d modelling but if there's one thing I know, its that trying again and learning from what made your models terrible can help make you better.

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Oh right. i have a topic here
So i was bored and created 4th Generation Pokedex model. Simply Because its my favourite Generation.

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Looks like something you'd see in a legit Pokemon game.

Thought of putting it under the Model's Resource?
I like to make models in my free time. I also make weird games, too.
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(09-21-2016, 08:56 PM)Filler Wrote: Looks like something you'd see in a legit Pokemon game.

Thought of putting it under the Model's Resource?

Well i though Textures may be better but i am not really good at texturing. also i missed 3 details from original Concept Art. but they are not neccesary so i haven't add them. But thanks still!

Putting it under TMR? Yeah that's actually a good idea. I'l do that right after i finish this message.
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Talking about 4th generation
There is another model from thit gen that i am making right now
You probably can guess who that is

Here is a very hard hint
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I actually like the model and I am a perfectionist. So much it's horrible I only like certain things Smile Good work! You should totally put it on the resources.
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Okay so model got approved. So you can get it here
(Idk how to do this cool thing with model preview here)
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Member i talked that i'm making Dawn from Pokemon D&P? Yeah forget about that. i wouldn't be able to finish the textures so it's just laying on my pc untextured.
But. Instead of that i did another model. a few months ago i really got into Megaman Legends series so i thought that it should model someone from that game. I decided to make Roll because there wasn't any models for this character and simply because she's cute.
Turned out OK actually.
I was thinking how i should make the face. at first i did Fully polygonal face like in The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker. but the result looked weird and not natural. after some time i ripped a few models from Tatsunoko VS Capcom (Mainly Megaman Related Ones) and checked out how they textured character faces. and actually that was just what i needed! using multi layered texture turned out great. so that the eyes are independent of face expression. also i wanted to save aesthetics of PSX MML models so i reused the texturing method that original game used. so that original MML textures are fully compatible with my model. but i still need to redraw them to higher resolution.
The model itself is still WIP. but only thing that is left is to redraw textures for face and make rigging. so most of the work is done.
Also i am curious. how do i make that the picture is showed in full resolution instead of small icon?
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.Okay here goes the megaman itself.
[Image: 7sfpuzdKm2QKXcIWGQdzlsB-aoUSdQBy00FpdB2C...XXL&crop=0]
It was hard to choose on what i should base the hair. first i've tried to make it based on the original model from PSX but after a couple tries i chosed Concept art variant because it looked better in hi-poly. but i still think that result looks weird. I still haven't made any equipment like Helmet and All Secondary Weapons but maybe i'll get to that sometime.
besides i wanted to mention that when in previous post i said "i wanted to save aesthetics of PSX MML models so i reused the texturing method that original game used" i only meant Face texures.

Also in some freetime i made Zakobon. the first enemy in the game. it's design is rather simplistic so i didn't had any problems with it.
[Image: 7sfpuzdKm2QKXcIWGQdzlmyTrjAsL25daftar8YB...XXL&crop=0]
I am thinking of modelling the whole ReaverBots crew. and maybe Bonne's Mechs too.
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don't be so hard on yourself, these look really good imo

They almost have that 90s NURBS modeling feel to them
[Image: XezHFxV.gif]
Once there was a way to get back homeward
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Yeah member that first model here? damn it was more than a year ago. how fast does the time flies.
but even after time i still think that Mischief Makers is like one of the best games on N64 so i thought why shouldn't i try again?
This time i made it in Low-Poly style. This is actually first time i ever made a low-poly model.
[Image: 7sfpuzdKm2QKXcIWGQdzlra76ZPAVLd555dYGByk...e=1249x503]
I think that it's a lot more better than the first revision. But there some minor things that annoy me like eyes are too close to each other. And shading on the back hair is kind of dull.
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