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SleepStone [Rougelike-Concept]
SleepStone (name subject to change at anytime.)

A game idea i've been playing a round with for about 2-3 years. Never settling on an idea or cracking myself down to work on it fully. Treated it more as a evolving concept that i'd change based on new skillsets and ideas rather than attempt to make. But recently i've been getting fed up with doing that and start to actually make it a thing. It has evolved from, Traditional jRPG, Platformer, Zelda style adventure, and now Rougelike. Yeah, couldn't really figure out what'd be best for my idea.

So yeah, i'll be using this thread to log the progress more easily and in hopes to gather interest to keep me motivated.  Smile
This is as far as the concepting is gonna go until I get a working engine setup, and get a preset dungeon demo. But i'll accept ideas if willing to part with any.
I'll be refraining from spoiling too much in my posts and try to keep things as minimalistic as possible in describing things.
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The gameplay you're describing shares some similarities with roguelike, but isn't step based (judging from the mockup) or turn based?
I recommend you start programming, before it becomes a very refined idea... It may paralyze your progress.
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