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Armored Core Limit Release
Hello everyone, 

I would like to present to you my large scale animated movie project "Limit Release" based on Armoured Core 1 & 2, I started it a year (and a little bit) ago thanks to crowd funding and it is currently being developed by a small team for Unreal Engine 4, the idea of the project is to look at the old Armoured Core universe in a much more personal way from a characters eyes rather than behind a 10 meter tall robot the entire time, we have been working hard to develop just over half of the parts from Armoured Core 2 (100+ parts) which has taken quite a long time, we are currently getting ready for a presentation this year when we hope to show off all those parts (or a large portion of them) around E3.

Here are a few links to our Moddb page and our Sketchfab page so you can see the content we have developed so far.

Thank you very much for your time.

Moddb Limit Release page

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So... is not a game?
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(03-27-2016, 10:50 PM)Khyze Wrote: So... is not a game?

It did start out as one, but I had some talking with Epic Games after they saw one of my matinee sequences I was testing to display models and they liked the idea of it being a movie, so I decided to make it a movie instead.
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