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sutinoers 3D Model Galleria
Hello here some models that i rip.

Batman: Arkhen Knight
Harley Quinn & Classic
Basebal Batt
[Image: 9386.png]
[Image: 9636.png]
[Image: 9313.png]

Fallout 4:
Wheel Chair, Hospital Bed, Spring Ray Deluxe & Ufo
[Image: 9011.png] [Image: 9012.png] [Image: 9870.png] [Image: 9871.png]
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Tristana from League of Legends
[Image: 10558.png]
[Image: 10559.png]
[Image: 10560.png]
[Image: 10561.png]
[Image: 10562.png]
[Image: 10563.png]
[Image: 10564.png]
[Image: 10565.png]
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Catwoman (Halloween) from "Batman: Arkham City"
[Image: 10601.png]
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Hey I was wondering, are you still ripping XCOM EU models?

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If you like it i can.
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(05-08-2016, 12:54 AM)sutinoer Wrote: If you like it i can.
I'd appriciate it! If I'm right, Umodel should be able to export models with rigging.

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Which models you are looking for?
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(05-08-2016, 07:49 PM)sutinoer Wrote: Which models you are looking for?

Cyberdisc. Maybe Sectoid also if it's possible?

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Cyberdisc is a very hard Mode, its useless if the animations are no included.
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Here som models with Cyberdisc!!!
[Image: 11505.png]
[Image: 11506.png]
[Image: 11507.png]
[Image: 11508.png]
[Image: 11509.png]
And a sport Girl from Duke nukem 4 ever
[Image: 11313.png]
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Those look great mate. Keep up the good work. Gotta love DN-F... The women have bewbs! XD
3D Model Archive is back... YAY!

3D Model Archive
Blender 2.49B: Apply Textures Tutorial
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Heh heh, awesome alien stuff. Can't wait to see the Sectoids!
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Sectoids and Sectopod
[Image: 12009.png]
[Image: 12010.png]
[Image: 12011.png]

and Alien Quinn from Dukem Nukem:
[Image: 12054.png]
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League of Legends
[Image: 12528.png]
[Image: 12529.png]
[Image: 12530.png]
[Image: 12531.png]
[Image: 12532.png]
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Hey uh, longshot but is there any possible way to extract the Alien Empress from Duke Nukem Forever? I've not been able to get it myself.
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