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Akuma the Hedgehog (Player)
I've been fascinated by the idea of this project and because I wanted to be more active on this forum, I've decided to try my hand on making a character in this style. And I decided to use the one I'm more known for outside Tumblr. 

[Image: SRgTf0F.gif]

Shading is always been an issue with me but I tried my best to try to emulate the style used. 

[Image: RjXBkat.png]

I'll hopefully try to add more and more importantly improve issues when I get the time to.
[Image: okwksDc.png]
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You should probably make him in his normal SF style fighting stance for his idle.
[Image: SRR-matchups_zpsy3ar8bki.gif]

September 1st.

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