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This is normal, right?
I really feel uncomfortable asking this, as I'm afraid of getting myself into trouble; but I do have some submissions that have been sitting around for a good month now without approval. I gave proper credit where applicable, the upload destinations are correct, it was stated that icons are optional (I would have done some myself, but I have no program that can create transparency); so, does it normally take this long for approval?

I'm aware that messages would be sent for rejected submissions, having read so in one topic; and I only ask this since I saw another topic regarding a custom background that had since been approved and put up.

Is there a priority issue for submissions lacking icons, or something else?

Again, I don't want to come off as demanding or entitled or anything like that.
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This gets asked a lot and we should probably put the answer somewhere prominent. Submissions with icons are definitely prioritized as it means much less work for staff. The issue is that we have a very small number of people dealing with submissions and a ton of submissions to go through. Our staff volunteer their time when they have it so it often takes quite a while for submissions to be approved, especially when they are lacking icons.

The user box at the top of every page provides a link to your pending submissions so you can always check the status of them but you will receive a PM for each submission as it's approved or rejected (unless you turn off the approval PMs) so it's really just a matter of being patient.
Having a proper icon definitely helps, but the biggest reason it hasn't been approved is likely because the staff simply haven't gotten to it yet. There's lots of submissions and only so many people to go through them, so extended wait times are expected. Just hang in there! : >

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