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Noogy (1997-1999)(1999-2001) HD Project
Like original leaked Alpha Demo of Jazz Jackrabbit 3 from year 1999 3D modellers,animators,map designers and programmers should use Epic Games Launcher or Unreal Engine 4 to revive third installment of Jazz Jackrabbit.
[Image: wDTR9eH.png]
As 3DS Max/Blender map designer,HUD designer,artists and head member of this game project I made some assets and samples from game.
[Image: bVQJzsG.png]
[Image: U7qmOwY.png]
[Image: 4sQfVrB.png]
As HUD designer I was following original Jazz Jackrabbit 3 roots.
I'm not the best of characters modelling so I'll leave you screenshots.
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