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JJ Awakens
Gore I almost forgot that I was cooperating with CG Animation Entertainment and I have some concept arts(even if it's trouble with copyright protection) I'll leave you some stuff,okay?
[Image: MIOspgG.png]
[Image: RpirPxa.png]
[Image: GNcFSJZ.png]
Let me guess it's high definition look of Jazz Jackrabbit from Bonus Stage.
[Image: 6fxWcHZ.png]
[Image: OJRLdTY.jpg]
[Image: jxHZu6n.jpg]
Like I mentioned before I was cooperating with CG Animation Entertainment.
[Image: 69BLJ8I.png]
I made it one year ago when I was preparing high definition graphics.I like returning to old things like J.J.Abrams with Star Wars.[Image: CMP7ZWN.jpg]
I made title screens before I was banned on Jazz2Online.
[Image: KbZC4nA.jpg]
I made this tileset,but before PC formatting Imgur was faster than me and they deleted all my photo albums from my old Imgur account.
[Image: 6bOUFBT.png]
Some of enemies made by me using Adobe Illustrator.
[Image: jyrlbfw.png]
[Image: 4JBlBvW.png]
more you will find here
animations made by cg animation entertainment
[Image: BKOKHL.gif]
I told you I'm looking for programmers,artists(all Jazz Jackrabbit 1&2 are involved),sound composers(music loop of OST should sound like in Sonic 3),3D modellers to Bonus Stage and animators.
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Ohh the graphics are not too beautiful.
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Where?Made by me or made by CG Animation Entertainment?Which one is the worst?
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The... two. Ahh the red eyes. It's scary !
The graphics aren't detailled and too colorful.
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Spaz Jackrabbit eyes?There's difference between me and CG Animation Entertainment company.
This is looking even scarier.
[Image: sQUHIDP.jpg]
[Image: PZeOZDz.png] more revamped
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! It's awful ! My eyes will explode !

Sincerely, do you earn monet with this in CG Animation Entertainment company ?!
Do you sell productions with this ? There are clients that buy this ?
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Dude.Arjaan Brussee and Cliff Bleszinski made Jazz Jackrabbit.When they left Epic Games company Jazz Jackrabbit licence belongs to Epic Games.So Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein found Epic Games company.I guess I should meet Jazz Jackrabbit 1 animator and artist Nick Stadler because Dean Dodrill found his own company and he's making his own video games.By they way I hate Adobe Photoshop.I was banned on jazz2online so I came here.Maybe Nick Stadler and me will think about Jazz Jackrabbit spiritual successor called by me Blues The Cat.I can't touch new Jazz Jackrabbit games even remakes.They told me they will sue me on court and penalties risks.
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Change the main character.
I didn't know that the main developer of this is Epic Games (that do Unreal Engine !)
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To antropomorphic cat for example?Well someone from Blender Artists forum recommend me Game Maker.It seems I should forget about high definition graphics and get back to that retro 16-bit graphics.
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And do pixel graphics, i think it's much better for you.
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well maybe,stealth,taxman-sonic retro,helder poeta-sega forums,violet clm-jazz2online or will help me with some sort like jazz jackrabbit 1 and 2 hacks more like sonic the hedgehog to return to this retro 16-bit graphics.
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