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TiledGGD (PE)
TiledGGD (PE), which stands for Puggsoy Edit, is a fork of Barubary's TiledGGD program.

I decided to make this after realising that TiledGGD tended to mix up big and little-endian reading order. That is, it would read in little-endian when big-endian was selected, and vice versa. Generally this isn't an issue, it reads graphics fine and whether it's big or little endian is usually of no concern to the user. However when comparing one of my GFXtract scripts to the settings TGGD used to read a file, I noticed the discrepancy. This was a bit of an issue because one of my intentions was if someone figures out a format in TiledGGD they should be able to make a GFXtract script for it. However if they are told that the endianness is big, while it's actually little, this could cause confusion.

Anyway, since Barubary hadn't touched it for some time and he hasn't been active on here in a while, I decided to take it upon myself. I forked his repository and made some changes to fix this, and you can download this new version here. It also includes a couple of fixes that Barubary himself made since the last public release (like improving and fixing 4bpc reading) and a stylish new icon.

I mainly did this for the endianness fix, but I might consider adding or improving features later on. I'm not extremely fluent in C# so it'd be a bit of a challenge, but I want to start using it eventually and taking up this project is a good opportunity to do so.
I should point out that this is just a fork and as such the majority of the code is still Barubary's, so he deserves most of the credit. I've just changed some stuff and made it a separate project so as to make it clear that this isn't an "official" version of TiledGGD.

Enjoy! Feel free to complain, comment, or ask questions here.
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