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This FATE Models has Rejected
Hello, i am fan of Video Games, i'm ripping Sprites, Models, Textures, and Sounds.
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(04-15-2016, 09:30 PM)SuperTVGRFan18496 Wrote: This FATE Models has Rejected

I'm very well aware thank you. I know the FATE models has rejected.
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hey all! Thought I'd hit this thread since I haven't in awhile:
- Agent Dash for iPhone models approved
- Skyrim, Halo 3 &4, Portal 1+2 coming soon. Uploading as we speak.

I've lost a little interest in ripping recently but I'm slowly getting back into it Smile.
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Skyrim, Halo 3 &4, Portal 1+2 i love this games
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Time to dust this off!!!

-Uploaded Models from Blood and Glory. Still rendering and fixing.
-uploaded Toca Kitchen: 2 Characters. Very odd looking!

Whatever I find that I can actually do.
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All blood and glory and Toca Kitchen models are up.
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Long time no see kids! (12/17/16)
Been very busy tending to our lovely model queue that's filled with all of your so lovely submissions!
Here's what's been going on behind the scenes:
-Ripping and Uploading Infinity Blade
-First Overwatch Model:
Zenyatta (Skullyatta)
Zenyatta (Skullyatta)

Definitely more to come on Overwatch... if each skin didn't take almost progressively 3 and a half hours to rip...
Noot noot!
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(3/11/19) Wow.... It has been over two years since I've touched this thread.

Thought I'd mention I've began a new project on the FATE series, which you can find here:

Bless this ancient thread.

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