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Super Mario Adventure Online MMORPG(Download Added)

Hey guys! So, started from the bottom, now we have a engine getting packed with features, a base concept to bounce off and begin full fledged development of the game!

Super Mario Adventures Online

What is it?

An adventerous Mario based fanmade MMORPG! Featuring a variety of characters to play as! Explore the kingdom and beyond with you're friends, dress up you're character in new clothing and equipment, battle enemies alone, or with up to 4 friends alongside and share the benefits, help residents of the kingdom with odd jobs and earn rewards, play a multitude of minigames with other players and/or friends, battle other players Melee or RPG style in the many arena's across the kingdom, race your friends in Mario Kart, build your own house/apartment and show off to friends, dare challenge the pit of trials?; and much more!

What do we need?

As of right now... I'm mostly in need of ideas... I can handle the rest. I just need the viewpoints and creative ideas from a multitude of people to make a game that can suite anyone and everyone some how! Smile

How to apply?

So if you are indeed interested or have another position you feel you'd fit let me know! You can respond to me directly on this post, on facebook at (Facebook Profile), or in PM if you'd like to be a part of the team!!

Current Feature's

Current list of features by demand:
~Base Engine of course.
~Map, Item, NPC, Shop, Special Attack, Soft-Script, and various other in-game editors for various elements.
~Complete Player-Admin Rank system
~Various Map Attribute elements being added daily
~Approx, 100+ availible sprites.
~Currently 3-frame movement system for sprites, probably upgrading to 4-6 frames.
~Dynamic Sprite size system
~Small Physics engine for Jumping, and such actions defying the 2D atmosphere
~Mario Kart minigame in the making as we speak.[W.I.P]
~Day/Night system
~Special Attack system, along with SP Points
~Badge System[W.I.P]
~10 Tile sheets, constantly being updated with new graphics for custom built maps.
~Pixel based movement prefered to tile based?[Deciding if nessecary]
~Trade System
~PVP Arena's[Melee, and possibly turn-based RPG-styled]
~Quest System[W.I.P]
~Class System[Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Waluigi, Wario, possibly more?]
~Web Streaming based sound system preferred to local music.[Saves harddrive space majorly][b/]
~All-In-One Application preferred to a mess of folders and confusing files
~Build in Auto-Updater
~Guild Systems
~In-Game Private Chat system
~In-Game "e-mail" system
~Map, Global, Private, Guild Chat Channels
~Countless in-game commands.
~Weather System[Clear, Snow, Rain, Thundershowers]
~Complete Leveling System with upgradable stats[b][POW, DEF, HP, FP, SPEED, STACHE]

On an average computer, the game runs at about 32-64 FPS, generally 40-50 FPS on average.
~More to be listed.. that are relatively a surprise.


Thank you very much for taking the time to read all this, and I do hope your interested as an applicant or a beta tester! I am very excited to get this project on the road, and work with all of you as a team! I'm hoping other people are too!

Progress/Update Log
Jan. 18th, 2016: Initial release
Jan. 21, 2016: Unofficial name, and external development complete.
Feb. 25, 2016: Game Download Released

[/b]     *GUI MADE BY CamTro* Comes in 5 different colors you can choose in settings. All other GUI is redone as well.

Okay so before you jump to downloading this a few CRUCIAL things to go over here!

~This game is HIGHLY unstable at the moment.. Expect the occasional bug..
~There is limited content but is being expanded upon as we speak.. enough to show off a quick demo and does not require any further updating to receive new content as the engine handles this.
~There is an installer, and will run the Library File Installer at the end! Don't skip this step it's crucial!
~IF YOU ARE RUNNING WINDOWS VISTA OR HIGHER, IN THE GAME DIRECTORY IT WILL CONTAIN A FILE NAMED "Windows Vista & 7 Fix.exe", right click this and hit "Run as Administrator", MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS OR AGAIN IT WILL NOT WORK! They contain IMPORTANT LIBRARY FILES THE ENGINE RELIES ON TO FUNCTION! If you attempt to play without doing so.. well good luck, the engine will get mad at you..
~Don't hesitate to report bugs to me preferably in PM form, or by email:
~Try to enjoy it Smile

Minimal System Requirments:
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Min: 512 MB RAM
1.85 GHZ or higher processor
Most Graphic, and Audio Cards work with this engine(As well as Codecs)

Removed download til update, but for time being the Forums are up so.. feel free to take any questions or concerns here..
Thank you to anyone beta testing! Smile You will be rewarded after the Alpha! Smile
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#2 a Mario MMO work?

I'm imagining interactions going like this:

Quote:marioman300: f*ckin kser
marioman300: f*ck
PeachsKeybearer: What?
marioman300: u jumpe on that f*ckin turtle hv u ever played mario 3
marioman300: wut kind of retard jumps on 2 goomas and sails over a pipe dnt u see the turtle at the beginning of the level
marioman300: u have to jump on the turtle run along with the shell and take out the row of goombas then jump on the shell as it bounces off the pipe so u sail over the piranha plant wile its comin back down n u jmp on the second row of gombas
marioman300: for 8 lives
marioman300: but i woodent expec a RETARD like u to no that now i can never get the extra lifes
marioman300: kser pice of sh*t
PeachsKeybearer: Um....OK Shocked;

i think what my question is, is like "is this Super Mario Bros, or is this more like Paper Mario" and um...what's the plan behind a massively multiplayer Mario area. How would you clear long pits that rely on Paratroopa jumps and stuff...?

Are there classes? Can I be a Mario or can I be Yoshi, or a Koopa Troopa? Does each class have pros and cons?

So far, this just seems like "I'm getting a team together, sign up today" and there's no...actual planning or work done for it yet...
You're like the idea guy posting here, but there aren't even any ideas posted yet
(well OK - in your defense, you do have the base engine, which is a start I guess but you're looking for like literally everything else)
How can you expect people to be enthusiastic and motivated to join the team if there isn't yet any concrete direction? :/

"Idea Generator" sounds kinda goofy. I'd go with "Creative Director" to make it sound better.
but still that sounds like something i could do in my sleep @___@
here check it out:

multiplayer yoshi's island where you just battle royale each other by eating each other with your yoshi tongues and then spit people off the edge but you get kinda fat and the other person can mash out of it, like yoshi in smash bros but like
it's like a fun as hell idea c'mon
[Image: 57d2BGH.png]
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! refs
shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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Screw the "Mario Bros." side scrolling crap. This is a 2.5 game with classes yes. Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Wario, and Waluigi, and possibly Peach and other characters. This game is based upon custom, Dream Team, Partners in time, and superstar saga graphics. The story line is unplanned which is why we need "Story line Directors". It's based upon anything really, there is no set amount of things you can do. You wanna go explore the kingdom with you're friends? Go for it. Wanna have all the best equipment? Righto! Wanna team up against that annoying boss you can't pass..? Dang straight! You wanna complete quests for kingdom residents and earn some side rewards? Sweet. Wanna play mini games such as Mario Kart, or CTF, or maybe even "Dodge Ball". Heck yes! Want to build you're own house/apartment? Go for it!

If you haven't gotten my drift. This isn't a set game with one goal. You can do anything you'd expect in a game such as "Club Penguin" or something similar. It's about making friends of the same interests we all have... MARIO! It's about exploring and pushing the limits of a virtual world where the troubles of reality cease to exist. It's about the limitless adventure the Mario series has brought us so far, and colliding these elements into one big MMORPG for everyone to enjoy! So.. yes I apologize for not having a concrete idea.. I'm not about to be limited to one direct thing because what's the fun in that? Be creative!

EDIT: I also would like to state, I have graphics, I have the engine being progressively being built. I just need ideas from different viewpoints to combine. I can easily do this on my own, I have all the knowledge and materials. I just want to work as a team to make something bigger and enjoyable to all sorts of people and gamers alike! If that's... nothing too big to ask?
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This was a project years ago when this place was still Pixeltendo. That made considerable progress and then collapsed, and it collapsed for a reason; it was too involved and not worthwhile as it went from an idealized fan game to just redesigning an already established and franchised IP(in other words we all got bored and most of the board was helping out with this project). I'm not trying to rain on your parade but you have nothing to show and I'm not really convinced that you know what you're doing. You have a good heart, but this seems poorly thought out and while you claim to have an engine you gave us no footage or even screenshots with dummy graphics to show off what you've worked on and from what you posted you really just seem to have bitten off far more than you can chew.

What I do recommend though is that you keep at this and you keep your engine. You show us what you got and hopefully some people join you. But drop the Mario franchise, make this your own brainchild and go crazy with the creativity. Allow your team to be creative and don't tie them down to an already established IP (also by making this your own you have no chance of getting a cease and desist letter. Granted Nintendo really doesn't send those out but eh it's bound to happen and it'd be a shame to have worked so hard for literally nothing).
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It's hard to establish screenshots of the engine right now, because I'm too busy adding stuff it's constantly changing and it's too much to keep posted. All I can say is... it's fully functional "client - server" relationship engine. It is ready to be sent out to people as of right now and players can go online and explore the few "test maps" I have created. I know Mario is a bored topic.. but Mario has been my escape in life for as long as I can remember.. I have so much in life going on that just makes or breaks me.. and Mario is my favorite and ultimate escape.. this isn't something mean't to be something HUGE.. it's just.. to have some fun and give the leftover Mario fans something different since all the current Mario MMORPG's are dead from being abandoned.. Maybe I'm just childish.. but trust me.. I know what I'm doing.. I just want to give people a chance to be involved and help build their thoughts into a reality.. Mario can be expanded beyond just "the mushroom kingdom", or the basic principals. It's just to get a base off the ground more-so. But thanks for not beating around the bush, I appreciate when people can atleast say it how it is. It's... really complicated.. it's just.. I really enjoy game developing and Mario.. and I use it as my escape in life.. I'm not trying to pose a sob story by any means.. but I feel I should state the reasoning behind my decisions. The team in no way is tied down to one thing, Mario has been expanded by Nintendo to levels beyond the little sidescrollers or the RPG's such as Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Party, and such games. We can combine all sorts of elements into something like this. But again thanks for the feedback.
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I'd strongly suggest using original characters instead of Mario. It'll be C&D'd if it becomes remotely popular.
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Okay, so to anyone wondering, I have added a feature list and a simple screenshot to prove this does exist. It takes place in pokemon graphics due to the fact I had a small map lying around and don't want to give away the other area's quite yet..
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So you're "making a game," but you need programmers, graphics people, and even people to give you ideas? Then you go on the site and call the rippers pathetic because not every little thing you need is ripped? Get the fuck outta here.
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Quote:You had wasted MY LIFE... waiting for just a goddamn bunnelby model.
-The prestigious Farlavor
You sir are extremely rude.. I'm sorry.. that is beyond unacceptable behaviour from a "administrator".. I'm just trying to be a part of a team and give people a chance.. I'm sorry I guess..? I didn't call them pathetic.. I stated that you'd expect more by now considering the game was released years ago. I would rip more myself, but thats not my place. I don't NEED these people, I choose to invite people to come be a part of the project because I know how fun it can be to be a part of something like this..? You are extremely beyond me on how pathetic you are acting, you are a horrific rolemodel of an admin..! So.. you can please step off me.. I'm just trying to be kind and you stomp along crushing my spirits like a prude! Thanks alot... I'm sorry for having a dream and am attempting to chase it...!!!
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I'm sorry you don't know how to not talk down to people. You're not trying to "be a part of a team." You're trying to get people to do the work for you. People sweep through here all the time asking for everyone to contribute everything to their projects. Most of them just aren't as rude and demanding as you.
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Quote:You had wasted MY LIFE... waiting for just a goddamn bunnelby model.
-The prestigious Farlavor
Please explain how I'm being rude or even demanding? This is a big game with lots of positions? So what!? I programmed the entire engine and server for it! I put together all the graphics! Gathered the music/SFX. DESIGNED THE GUI. What am I demanding? I don't need any of you! I can so easily pull this off myself, I just would make progress faster with other people. I only truely need mappers due to the extensive amount of maps in the game? No good game is made by a single person! I'm not swearing around, making people feel like shit. I'm being kind, and thanking people for their feedback even though not all of it's positive?
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I feel like you're trying to sell me knives, rather than trying to build a team. I'd also like to bring back up the whole copyright thing, too.
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I think the main point that Ton is trying to bring across is that these two comments:

Quote:If I knew how, I'd so be doing this.. there is so many places missing it's pathetic. This game was released how long ago?

Aren't exactly friendly or encouraging. Maybe you didn't mean to use "pathetic" in a condescending manner but when somebody says that about sprites that people are ripping voluntarily, in their free time, it makes you sound a bit demanding. It's especially unpleasant when it comes from someone who doesn't actually rip and therefore doesn't know just how much effort and time it takes. You didn't even specify anything, you just said that a game with 126 sheets (which is actually quite a bit!) has so much missing that it's pathetic. That's just not appreciated.

As for the game, your OP clearly states that you need people, not that you're simply inviting people. Allow me to underline these spots in particular:

(01-19-2016, 02:03 PM)supermariodx24 Wrote: What do we need?

I need a skilled or not so skilled group of people with the motivation to build a great game together! Currenty I am requiring the following:

~Idea Generators/Game Planners(Urgent)
~Moderators(When put online!)
~Map creators
~Game Dev's(Maps, Items, Shops, NPC's, and any other aspects!)
~Possible Server Hosts/Backup Hosts(Urgent)(This is a serious position and gives full control of the game, don't expect just anyone to be chosen! This is a high "honour!)
~Possible Co-Owners if skill level is high enough!(If you are a server host, you are automatically a Co-Owner!)

and, so far that is all I can conclude to what I need so far! I will add or remove positions accordingly!

The fact that some of these positions are marked as "urgent" also implies that you really really need people's help.
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Sorry bud, agreeing with Ton and everyone else in here.

Goodbye, since you're leaving anyway I'm going to go ahead and close your thread Heart
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Yeah. I would appreciate the help? Building an MMORPG is a huge job. If you would see the entent of how powerful this engine is you'd understand why. As of right now this engine can simutanously manage 500 connections on a single server.. it has all the editors built in and are easy to use. I can't come up with everything all alone.. it's alot to make right? I just thought if people wanted to help out that would be great. I understand my comments were a bit harsh, and I do apologize. But when I'm getting harped on and sworn at.. not very pleasing.. I'm just trying to make a game..? I need as much help as possible. Urgent as in.. needed asap over everything else. And for copyright, it's not infringed unless I'm making money off their product, or without providing credit to the actual people who created the content. I understand it's a volentary job just as making this game. I'm asking for people who'd like to help out.. this is a huge job for a single mind to put together. I'm sorry my brain can only spew out 1000's of lines of code and then I'm stumped on a bit of the game content as of right now.
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