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Cosmic's Custom/Edited Sprites!
Heyya! I'm fairly new to posting in the forums here, but uh.....I thought I should mention I'm an artist. And with that, I like to fool around with pixel art, too!
So I decided to make my own thread for it, because alot of it is singular clear-background stuff or style-fusions with unrelated/original characters; so I don't feel too comfortable submitting anything yet.

Edit: apparently I gave them color backgrounds anyway.

I should probably mention I'm a huge Luigi AND Sailor Moon fan, so if anything here looks like either of them....... Cool & Frosty!

Recently, I've been fooling around with Dream Team sprites. I'll start off with some Luigis I did. (I should note the original DT Luigis were ripped by Ploaj/Teawater)

[Image: luigissssssssss_1.png]

....I'm weird. 

Also I made a Dream Team-styled Sailor Moon in multiple outfits. She started out as me mixing one of her quiz game sprites with her Another Story sprite (i think i got them both from Shyguy Kingdom, i know it wasn't here) and going from there, but she's gone through too many edits to count and now looks completely different. Eventually I edited her into Sailor Venus too.

[Image: mooon-venussss.png]

And here she is next to The Bros for comparison. Because she's REALLY short.

[Image: HEIGHT---.png]

And finally, some Daisys (Daisies? Daisy's?)

[Image: daisyysssssssssssssss.png]

The second Daisy is my fusion of her old+new designs with my own twist.
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(12-27-2015, 11:18 PM)CosmicLoop Wrote: I should probably mention I'm a huge Luigi AND Sailor Moon fan, so if anything here looks like either of them....... Cool & Frosty!

Lol, a friend of mine is as well, both Luigi and Sailor Moon =w=

These look really great! The DT style really suits you
[Image: ErbRIBqVkAUtE8F?format=png&name=900x900]
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Happy new year!

Here's one new sprite I'm working on -- it's Luigi again! Except this time, he's in my style. Yep, I'm making the entire sprite myself from scratch!

So far he's got downwards walking down, here's a gif of him!

[Image: luigi-walk-test.gif]

And here's a zoom in I took earlier (I use GIMP)...

[Image: gggggggg.png]

I've actually been wanting to make a Luigi's Mansion game of my own, but I don't know enough to make it a 3D models kind of game, so I'm considering if I could convert the ideas towards a more RPG format since RPG Maker is my thing. And that's the story behind this sprite. And I just really like Luigi.

I should make him walking upwards next! And once I have more sprites of him I'll add Poltergust versions.

I also have Superstar Saga -style sprites from another RPG project. Maybe I can upload those next!

And maybe I'll make threads for both these games.
all my ideas are jokes

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