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Let the Tagging Begin!
As we near the end of our icon renovation, it's time to start looking at our next massive project - tags! Dazz and I just finished the system that will allow mass adding of tags to games (and soon, sheets) and, given that there are no tags on anything yet, we're once again looking for help from the community. The page isn't publicly visible yet so this thread's initial purpose will just be to gauge interest and start the signup process. As with the icon renovation, there will be a public stats page where we'll be tracking progress as well as your contributions for future rewards. Given that this is all text-based, we are tentatively expecting more of a turnout since tagging content doesn't require any special skills or software so, if you're interested, let us know here and we'll get you set up!
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I'd love to tag things Smile
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I'd like to participate as well. I was disappointed I didn't do more of the icon renovation project, I just got tied up with other stuff too easily. Ded
Count me in.
A basic list of tags ideas should be made as a reference, something like this:
Publisher, developer, Genre ( Rpg action, etc), Genre 2, Theme, Game Engine ( mainly for Pc games)
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We'll be adding basic ideas into the input box so that everyone will see it when contributing new games, but also on the page for mass tagging. In terms of Theme, I did suggest this with Pete but I think that it's going to be left as an optional extra depending on whether it's an important part. Sci-fi, parody, etc.
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I know that I won't always have time, but if I can help, I'd love it.
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I can help with that.
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I'm definitely in, especially now that I'm on my break I should be able to dedicate a fair amount of time to this.
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Just so you're aware, Site Staff and up can already get started with tagging games. You can do it right from the edit game form individually or in bulk by clicking on the Tags link in your staff nav bar.
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You know I'm in.
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Sorry for bumping, But I have plenty of spare time to help with tagging. Smile
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What you just referenced are genres which have their own thread. Tagging, which is something we'll certainly need help with once we get it up and running, will be a separate feature entirely. The tagging plan is currently on pause while we work on some more critical systems first though.
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