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The Crystalien Redux Project
Been meaning to get a thread out here about this for a while.
Expect it to be added to fairly frequently, I have a LOT of material to cover.

Crystalien Redux (Overview/History):
The Team:
CAC Unit Editor:
Flash Wrapper:
Tiler.php (OLD map editor):
CAC (Crystalien Conflict):

more updates (and all relevant url's) later...

BIG re-format in progress...
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minor update for now, but the http 403 error is fixed, it was an unexpected side effect of an intentional move to keep some sensitive source files secured, apparently...
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Well, I made a lot of major format/organization changes/improvements the other day

Still gotta add all the links, though...

It would also be nice to have some feedback for this, and help is always welcome ,as well!
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I am late to report about this for assorted reasons, but in the process of trying to update the INI parser I'm planning to use for parsing the map files, and later, the stats, I've broken the whole thing, and haven't the slightest clue how to fix it.

On a more positive note, however, I've recovered some of my development resources so I can continue work on some difficulty settings, and a new stat/cheat I was working on adding up until my desktop kept over-heating randomly.
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The INI parser has been fixed for a while, as mentioned in one of my posts elsewhere.

I have just spent two days out of this week doing some major updates to the CAC Unit Editor
It's not 100% there, but it's basically complete.

I was even able to add tabs fairly easy thanks to a suggestion from the game's developer to use Bootstrap.

So, I've spent all day re-working the UI significantly, and making the stat inputs be generated dynamically from the stat database. (which is still hard-coded...)

For the time being, it is still here:

now at:

However, as of right now, I'm having it re-located to another directory, as it no longer classifies as "WIP"
A temporary re-direct will be added, though
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Can you "compress" the text in overview ? I have sleep after reading...
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I could move the stat information to another tab. maybe, but I'd rather not make the UI annoying to navigate by tabbing or hiding EVERYTHING... but yes, it is a lot to read, and that's because "overview" tells the history of the project.

I'll try to think of something.

Also, I sorta implemented the database fully. I simply re-named it to .js and embedded it via script tag cuz AJAX decided to be a pain in the butt trying to load the JSON file.
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JSON database is now loaded properly.
Stat documentation has been moved to another tab.
Stat documentation is no longer hard-coded, but is generated from the database

Time to throw this on github!
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I submitted the project to github, in possibly the most inefficient and dirty way possible.
Everything was uploaded via file upload or create file, and was done in small batches.
My friend and I agree it's github's fault for being technologically far behind, as far as "easy" file/directory submission is concerned.

I also created a clone which will be re-purposed for buildings:
I may or may not start adding stuff relating to building editing tomorrow.

for now, they both do exactly the same thing.
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I have made some commits to CAMM.

Yesterday and today, I asked Josh what our current priorities are on the project overall.
Well, it's map loading. (or rather, .camm map loading)

So, josh spent his time working on code to load camm data into CAC via the wrapper.

I adapted a few scripts from CAC's source code, taking advantage of the fact Flash ActionScript 1 and 2 are virtually incidental to JavaScript at the basic level. The end results of this are a very hacked-together level data dumping utility that exports not only tiles (something CAMM actually can do) , but the exact positions of units and buildings when they're created in CAC. After using this utlility a few times, and ironing out some bugs, I managed to produce CAMM maps of all of the original CAC levels.

And Josh has updated these already, so I'll just point here:

my original commit, and a quick patch, however, are here:

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