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My friend phinx inspired me to do this. Can't say how active this project still is but whatever.
This isn't a rep of me but it's a character from my comic that travels through dimensions so I figured he could fit in.
[Image: YJQ439e.gif]

All I have is his idle so far. 

[Image: E2YGKPT.png]

Yes, he's supposed to be small.
I'll wait feedback and second opinions before I do anything else with him.
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Awesome to see you getting back on the horse with this project man! Didn't know you where gonna get inspired.

And this character looks pretty interesting, like he's up to something.

My only suggestion would be to shade him like this.

[Image: Mike_zpsxnpn6lfl.png]

Simple shading and design will take a loooad off on animation.

But keep going man see how far you get!
[Image: SRR-matchups_zpsy3ar8bki.gif]

September 1st.

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