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Yeah, I think I remember this being discussed when it was being ripped and people decided it was OK. Obviously we don't want people to be ripping from non-game stuff all the time, but this is a special case where the sprites are basically like game sprites and worth archiving.
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BIOS are also from game systems, so that automatically qualifies them.
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Not disagreeing, just saying that we have some not strictly game content already. For stuff like Bonzi though, we definitely take it on a case-by-case basis.
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No no I was adding onto the points to help back up why we do include BIOS things, I already understood the first time. Tongue
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Legacy of Ys is an Action-RPG, not Action.
Salamander is a Shoot 'em Up, not Action.
Final Fantasy Adventure is an Action-RPG, not Action.
Dun-Dam: Dungeons and Dam is a Turn-based-RPG, not Action.
Addams Family Values is an Action-Adventure, not Action-RPG.
I would say, Illusion of Gaia is an Action-Adventure and not an Action-RPG. Reason: Enemies are counted & a specific number gives you extra life energy, which is measured in dots and not in numbers. Also you can't equip other weapons or other armor in general.
The Legend of Zelda Minish Cap Bootleg is actually a Turn-based RPG, not an Action-RPG:
Proof: (skip to 00:28)
Spud's Adventure looks rather like an Action-Adventure because HP are measured in hearts, not numbers:
Valis the Fantasm Soldier is definitely not an Action RPG as you can't level up. I would rather say it's an Action-Platformer:
Also all the other Valis games are falling into the same genre. Syd of Valis is already in the Action-Platformer section, but the other ones are only labeled as "Platformers".
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