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Sprites for a Friend. Need advice.
Hey guys! Bet you forgot I did pixels too! Anyway I'm helping out with a game project for a friend and I'd like constructive criticism on it. Tell me how I can improve.

[Image: stella_zps54kwutoz.png]

As you can see I difficulty with her facing at an angle. So before I add the arms and vacuum I wanted to see What I should do to make this better.

You may want to make her pupils thinner in the side facing sprites so that her pupils still seem to be the same size in proportion to her eye whites.
The top-right sprite has strange looking arms and legs. I'm not sure where the legs are supposed to be coming from, which, take that how you will; that could be a problem in and of itself, but, to me, the legs just look like they shouldn't appear in that position from that angle. In the same sprite, the arms kind of look like they're at the wrong perspective. I can see what you were going for, which I think is having arms parallel to the ground, but, to convey that, I'd make the tips of the gloves more curved to match the perspective and pull her forearms back a little bit.
I have a problem with the broken outlines in certain places, but I'm pretty sure it's a personal thing, in my case.
These look pretty good so far, though. Keep it up!
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I agree that broken outlines are usually a bad idea.
If the blank spaces are there because you feel as though making those outlines in pure black is too harsh, I wouldn't disagree with that. I think a more proper fix, though, is to use a combo of black and a different color, like dark brown, to finish the entire outline without any gaps while making it  smooth

In the 3/4th view, I think you should try to get the highlight to match the shape of her head a little more. This might not make a lot of sense to you if you haven't had practice with it, but try to imagine the three-dimensional form of her head and how the light would react with it. I wouldn't say it's quite matching yet, so it makes her head look a little flatter than it needs to be. I would probably extend the highlight to the left a little bit, or something. It's kind of hard to explain with words...

I think the black outlines of the eye transitioning directly into the white is too harsh and makes those outlines look jagged. Some dark gray antialiasing or something of that sort would probably smoothen it out. Might want to add a small amount of AA to the top of the black outlines of the eye too, using dark brown or something.

Again in the 3/4th view, I don't think the positioning of the antennae is quite right. I would try defining the center of the head as a line that curves along the shape of the head, and then place the antennae on either side of the center using that guideline. The antennae should be equidistant from the center (but you should also account for perspective)

(if you need elaboration feel free to ask)
[Image: sxv5uJR.gif]
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Thanks guys! I knew some things didn't look quite right. I'll work on making those fixes.

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