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Curious Villagers 3D modelling projects.
Yo, are you doing a model of Ethan too in the Sun and Moon artstyle?
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(12-02-2016, 12:12 PM)iyenal Wrote: Try to use Velvet shader for clothes if you use Blender Cycles, it can add a photorealistic effect.

I see, I'll be sure to try that out, thanks. I'll probably be needing to look up some more tutorials in regards to bump mapping though as there are still a few things I'm quite unsure about....

(12-08-2016, 01:27 AM)TheRealHeroOfWinds Wrote: Yo, are you doing a model of Ethan too in the Sun and Moon artstyle?

Lyra's model was made by heavily reworking the base model of the female protagonist of Sun & Moon and building onto that from there. (Mainly because I noticed that she shared a number of visual similarities with her.)

The male protagonist of Sun & Moon and Ethan do seem to share some visual similarities as well so I suppose I could do him too. Although I might be needing the male protagonist's model first which hasn't been posted anywhere yet as far as I'm aware..... ^^;
[Image: byFlRbT.png]
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So I redid Flora's facial expression.
[Image: tumblr_oju9q8xseK1u9u4k1o1_1280.png]
Instead of the modeled version (As seen in the left model) I went for a hand drawn approach instead (As seen in the model at the right) in order to give off a more accurate look for her.

Likewise, I've been working on the facial expressions accordingly.
[Image: tumblr_oju9q8xseK1u9u4k1o2_1280.png]
Some of these are based off the expressions Peach makes in Smash Bros for Wii U as I was initially trying to import her over to that game (with not much luck on my part) but overall. I'm going to work on implementing all her facial expressions she's made throughout the first three Professor Layton games.

Do let me know if you prefer her old look or the new updated look.

I do seem to be running into some transparency issues for her cheeks though (as there is some odd black outline running around it, which is why it isn't included in the updated model) as well as the render having white outlines running across her face when rendered) I'll see if I can't fix those somehow....

Anyway, after I'm done with her facial expressions, I'm probably going to start uploading her over to the models resource. This is probably super obvious, but I was wondering what sort of requirements are needed for me to upload this model to this website (As in, what file type does it need to be, how do you want me to organize all the files etc) In order to make this go as smoothly as possible for those who approve the 3D models here.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the double post.
[Image: byFlRbT.png]

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