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PS2- Shadow of the colossus wander models?
For the last two days I've been trying to extract the following files from SotC: player_A_mantle.nmo, player_A_head.nmo, player_A.nmo,

I'v been using SotC Viewer to look at the models, and in the description it says "A resources viewer for all versions of Shadow of the Colossus Game. You can also export 3D models or textures.

Yet it doesn't tell you how to extract models, If someone knows how to extract models, please let me know!  Cry

And yes, I've tried model captures.

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hey man, I'm creating the remake of the shadow of the colossus.
I use a method exportation of models that funkyboy taught me. the guy who made the SOTC build unity!
because when you try to export the models are with SOTC viewer, the models are horrible.
I use this method, then I give a finish in maya or 3dsmax
so if you want to learn this method or want to partner with me to make the game just contact me by email or facebook:, iury safadin
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