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The Smasher's Resource [Program]
Wow, now only if you could play super smash flash with controllers, that would be awesome.
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September 1st.

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There are ways to use a controller with super smash flash, but not natively.

So this update is to discuss the bounciest of fighters, Neko.
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Neko will probably be available in the first test build. I've actually made a little more progress with him than Gilbert.
Nevertheless, both fighters are starting to take shape.
There is a lot more work to be done on both the fighters and the engine before the first demo is ready, but before that, discussion on fighters can take place to get some more constructive input on them.


Neko is a fighter that is fast and combo heavy. His tube limits his ground movement and leaves something to be desired, while his aerial movement is superb.
 Neko's gimmick is because able to quickly bounce around the battlefield and unleash very quick moves. His attacks may not deal a ton of damage on their own, but stringing them together can really rack up some damage fast. Unfortunately, Neko lacks real power outside of his smash attacks. You may need to rely more on edge guarding with him than fishing for a kill.
Bob and weave through your opponent's attacks to gain the upper hand!


[Image: 87vHAqD.png]
(Holding the jump button allows Neko to instantly jump again upon hitting the ground. However, he must still suffer from any landing lag from aerials and air dodges first. They have low landing lag for the most part, anyway.)

His aerials in general are pretty good. I won't go into all of their detail here, but one in particular is unique to him and important to his gameplay.

[Image: z9Y6NwL.png]
(Neko's Dair allows him to quickly descend (faster than his fast fall speed) for a brief period. Hitting with the move pops up the opponent at a perfect angle for starting Neko's crazy combo strings. They may not end in a kill, though.)


There's no point in including screen shots for these. You can see them on the character's sheet.

Neutral - Strawberry Fire
The is a basic and slow projectile that doesn't travel a long range. It's best use is forcing the opponent to jump in the air or pressure their shield.

Upward - Golden Neko

Neko's recovery move: he ascends a small distance and stars will fire around him that deal damage. Neko's horizontal air mobility may be great, but his vertical is rather limited. This move does keep Neko mostly protected, though.

Downward - Radish
Neko will pluck a radish from the ground which will then bounce around for a short time. This move can be useful for controlling space, but be warned, after a while the radish will also be able to hit you!

Side - ???
I was thinking between Super Neko Kart and the attack with Bistro. I'm trying to make them fit in with his playstyle, and neither of these seem to work as the first gives him ground mobility and the second is another projectile. Neko's close combat style probably shouldn't have too many projectiles, I feel.

So yeah, input and suggestions would be nice. I know it's hard to understand without being able to play it yet, but it should still give the gist of how the character plays.

And in addition, I cannot come up with a neutral and down special for Gilbert. Suggestions on that would be useful.
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(12-28-2015, 08:12 PM)Ploaj Wrote: And in addition, I cannot come up with a neutral and down special for Gilbert. Suggestions on that would be useful.

Um, what do you currently have in mind? It's a little tough to come up with complements to a moveset if you're unsure what the current moveset entails. 

Is he a projectile-based character like Link? Is he a fast physical needler? A slow burly character who just slams you into submission with side smashes?

I assume he's like the Mario of the game (best all-around stat character with a basic moveset) and has a really hard hitting Fsmash (the hammerhead move)
If that's the case, his bullet-head move might serve best as a neutral special in order to give him a decent spacing/keepaway attack
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shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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You assume correct with him being the "Mario".
I would best describe as a mid range fighter, I guess. You don't want to be up in their face most of the time, but you don't want to be camped either. A lot of his moves pack a punch, so it would be like getting a strong hit in to get some distance. He can also juggle opponents in the air with his relatively quick aerials. He's not a heavy hitter Ike-like brute, but he's not a soft hitter either. He's just in the middle.

His side special is the bullet head move. It works kinda like Lucas's PK fire in that it pushes him back when it fires and acts kinda like Villager's loid rocket on contact. It's slow to fire, though, so spamming it isn't super effective.

His up special is "Bullet Launch" which works like Mario's super jump punch but instead of multiply hits it's just one big one. It's rather basic, but it fits his moveset well enough for being a recovery move.

For a neutral special, I was thinking some kind of hard hitting move that can be charged might make most sense. ala Eruption

I have no idea for down special.
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i can supply extra animations for these moves
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I would greatly appreciate that, Gors!

If you want, there are a few non-special animation for Gilbert that sorta could use some animations.

I just have place-holders for them. (Aren't my splicing skills amazing?)
[Image: IXPedes.png]
(You're free to make these moves function however you want; this is just how they work currently)
1. Teching-in-place
2. up special(it's a bullet launch move thing for now)
3. hanging at the ledge and a maybe a get-up attack for it
4. downward aerial (It's just a kick downward. The very tip of his foot has a meteor effect.)
There are also throws, but I can re-purpose some of the animations not used in other moves as a throw (such as the candle thing)

For his neutral and down special, I don't really have anything in mind. My first thought for a down special was using the magnet/road-roller as a counter, but I don't think a counter fits his character too well. 

I'm skipping a lot of animations that smash would normally have, but it would be too much work to sprite them all.
These are the bare bone ones to make everything function. The only ones I would really like to add later are aerial attack landing animations, but that's not really necessary.
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