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I found my way back [Eh, Pixels!]
I don't think anybody remember me buuuuuuut I'm back. It's been 3 years since I posted something here on VGR (TSR) so I thought it's time to do so and show how much I have progressed in pixel art. I will dig up some old stuff from my time here and remake them...

Sooooo, hi everyone! 

[Image: 2qjkme9.jpg]
(old deadpool wip from 2010)
[Image: 2gtnreg_th.png]
(stalblind wip from zelda)
I remember you! Glad to see you back and hope you stick around Surprise
[Image: kE8xa19.png]
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Quote:I remember you! Glad to see you back and hope you stick around [Image: surprise.png]

Oh, hi Jetters! 

Aaaaand here is the Falco I made a topic for back in 2011.
[Image: 2wg813c_th.png]
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You seem to have too much symmetrical shading on your newer work.

That's all I could really think of.
I like to make models in my free time. I also make weird games, too.
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That's mostly because the light source is supposed to be infront of the character, like a mugshot.

But I'll keep that in mind when I do other stuff!
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i definitely remember you. welcome back! i always enjoyed the colors of your sprites c:
[Image: XeE6VeC.gif]
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Eh, made a Banjo sprite. Probably a lot of shading errors but my eyes hurt right now

[Image: 103is07_th.png]
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