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Chaofanatic's model rips and stuff like that
So I've been ripping models from The Wonderful 101 lately but I'm not having much luck getting them actually uploaded cause I seem to be doing a lot wrong, so could I get some help with this?
I've been told my texture paths were wrong, the formats of the textures were wrong, my dae model didn't have rigging or texture mapping or anything and so on but I think I've gotten everything down now except for a few things. Blender's DAE exporter likes to connect bones that aren't supposed to be connected together and it messes up the orientation of things, and apparently my spec masks have something wrong with them but I'm not that sure what?

Would anyone be willing to help me out with this? The FBX file is perfect, but the DAE is the one with the problems
The Wonderful 101 - Commander Nelson

Also a lot of things in this game use alphatesting to show scrolling texture effects on them. Am I allowed to actually keep the alpha channel for the transparency in the color texture or do I have to make it separate? It doesn't seem like any alpha channel stuff is allowed here at all for some reason and it all has to be its own texture.
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Texture paths:
You need to change the path of the texture inside the dae file.

Wrong texture formats:
Only PNG is accepted. Formats such as BMP, TGA, DDS, etc. are not.

DAE exporter issues:
Different exporters handle things differently from others.
It's the exact same case with different importers.
Not much you can do aside from using a different exporter (but even then some importers don't like files exported by certain exporters, it's a huge hit or miss situation)
The file imported without issues for me, after I fixed the texture paths.

Spec masks:
Can't see any issues with them, as they look like regular specular power maps.
Maybe they were talking about the fact that you left one in as DDS?

Alpha channel:
If the alpha channel in the diffuse color texture is used as the opacity map, then you should leave it be.
In all other cases, seperate it as it's either not used for opacity but used to store another kind of texture (eg specular power level, shader mask (decals such as blood for example)

Side note:
You're also required to submit an OBJ of the model, so export an obj of the model and it to the submission sheet.
Don't forget to fix the texture paths in the .mtl file similarly to fixing them in the DAE file.
As far as FBX goes, you don't have much control over how things in the fbx are exported, so if it's works for you it should be accepted.
I personally prefer to export FBX files in the 2006 version, as that's the oldest- and thus the most compatible version.
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Thank you very much.
Is this any better? I re-exported the stuff, checked and fixed the material paths, the textures are all png, and I think it's set up properly now.
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(08-03-2015, 07:06 PM)Chaofanatic Wrote: Thank you very much.
Is this any better? I re-exported the stuff, checked and fixed the material paths, the textures are all png, and I think it's set up properly now.

While I'm not the guy who's all about texture paths and stuff, this is a damn fine model rip. My only gripe is that the textures are flipped, but a simple UV mirror and texture mirror should fix that.

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They're all like that by default. It doesn't change how the model looks or functions so why bother?
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