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Parasect047's GSC-style Custom Sprites
Hey guys, it's been a while. Here's a few things I've been working on lately.

Firstly - a Froslass sprite. 99% Scratch, with the 1% being pulled from her Platinum sprite so I could get the ice horns right.
[Image: WUU7G9q.gif]

Secondly - I decided to mock up some portraits using the 3-color style in 56x56 dimensions, which are the same size and color limitations as all GSC Pokemon sprites. I could see these being used in VS animations like Gym Leader battles, or even as a conversation portrait in the overworld. Speaking of which, here's the eight I started with.
[Image: NiyNdE3.gif]

Pryce was the hardest for me to make. C+C is much appreciated. More to come, so stay tuned! Smile
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Moar Portraits!

[Image: 3G0D1om.gif]

Here we have your Pokemon Crystal boy and girl protagonists, your rival, Prof. Elm and last but not least, your cool Mom who somehow saves money you win from silly trainers.
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I'm really digging them. The only thing I'd say is to maybe make the whites of the eyes larger. It's hard to tell that they're there, especially with the palette

[Image: 803ce84258.gif]
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I think adding a partial outline to the eyes would improve readability better than just enlarging the whites. Like how Chuck has outlining under his eye. If they still look small after that, then enlarge them.

Any particular reason you're using a light grey as the base colour? The white present pretty much everywhere in the game would look a bit nicer. Also, the skin tone is rather yellow and pale. Some of the trainer battle sprites have healthy skin tones, you could consider using some of those for the different characters.

One last thing that I noticed was the small amount of dithering. It's kinda part of the style as long as you don't go overboard with it. All things considered, these look really nice and I hope to see more of your work!

EDIT: I checked your palette and noticed you had about 30 different blacks, and two nearly identical skin tones (sometimes on the same character, even)! Went ahead and fixed those for you in this link. The grey was also changed to the white used in the game.
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