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Pixel Practice - Terrorverse
totally agree hence my "other extreme comment" also I'm sure this is some kind of pixel art sin but the simpler and stupider its looking the more I'm liking it,
[Image: Q6dq3sF.png][Image: iacYLbX.gif]
the way the hair flick is, is intentional, I'm aware it would turn with the head but I'm holding it more as an icon of the character

edit: well I'm just bad a realizing a design in pixel art form, I keep making compromises and its just wasting the whole idea of making a concept sheet in the first place,
things were so much simpler when I made pixel art not expecting much from myself XD

trying to go back to tryharding even if failing
[Image: 5Dv6C2B.png]
tried mimmicking the style showed off by Shawn in this thread
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