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Working on some custom sprites, it's been a while.
I've got some characters I'm working on, basic designs, standing poses, etc. But the shapes I've made them in are making some basic posing tricky. I'm curious as to if anyone can help with some line and shape exercises. 

Clarification: I don't want anyone to make the sprites for me, but if you could help me draw some outlines, or general shapes for the poses I'm trying that would be great, I want to do this myself but I could use a little help.

First off I'm trying to make a large, bulky character with his arms crossed, maybe in a grappler pose. 

I've got the basic character sprite here. I know I might not be providing a great deal of information, but I figured getting some advice from a lot of different sources might help.

[Image: EFmMAtH.png]
I'm more of a 3D artist, so getting into 2D has been a bit of a challenge for me, any help would be appreciated. 
[Image: modelbarsig.png]
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