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Extracting some .dat and .bin files, help
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I want to extract some files and I don't know how to.

The first archive in this download as an example is .bin files from the game Calling, call me weird but I'm interested in extracting the "death letters" and such in nwc24_letter.bin. I know it's compressed somehow, but nothing's impossible and I believe it can be decompressed.

The second archive is for TV Friend Channel, I want to extract the .dat files but I don't know how to.

Please help me, I'll take a QuickBMS script or anything I can use to extract it.

Thank You.!75snwZ5J!GhF-UiVr5v4Mco0l0PSRgQ
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The .bin files are fairly easy to extract, a fairly straightforward format with zlib compressed files. The only weird file is options.bin, it seems similar but it's confusing me.
I'll try make a QuickBMS script soon when I have time. The extracted files are images so I'll look into converting those as well.

The .dat files look like they contain image data, but also heaps of other stuff in them. I don't know, I'll take a better look later on but maybe there's a way to just grab the image.
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Awesome! I did notice that there was references to the "inflate" tool in the Calling DOL file. I just don't know how to use zlib. The only thing I care about extracting in this game is the nwc24_letter.bin files, the other files were just examples...

If it helps for the TV Friend Channel, for some reason the channel title said "onetri1" when hovered over on the Wii Menu. I checked the SDK and found out onetri may be a screenshot taking tool, so that's how it might have been related to onetri.

Please make a quickbms when you have time for Calling, I can't get zlib working...
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Here you go:

endian big
comtype zlib
get FILES long

for i = 0 < FILES
get OFFSET long
savepos TMP
get SIZE long
get COMFLAG long
get SIZE2 long
get ZSIZE long
savepos OFFSET

set NUM string i
get NAME basename
string NAME += "_"
string NAME += NUM
string NAME += ".img"

if COMFLAG == 7
print "unknown compression %COMFLAG% for %NAME%"

goto TMP
next i

Unfortunately I can't make heads or tails of the extracted files, though. I gave them the "img" extension since they look more like images than anything else, but unfortunately I don't know how to convert them.
You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down. -Mary Pickford
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OK, it worked. Thanks a trillion.

I'm familiar of what it outputted for the nwc24_letter files, I can convert those.

Now we need to figure out what the TV Friend Channel uses (I can wait a bit for that one...)
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I'm curious, how do convert those extracted files?
You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down. -Mary Pickford
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(05-17-2015, 04:56 AM)puggsoy Wrote: I'm curious, how do convert those extracted files?

For the nwc24_letter files, you do the following:

  1. You, of course extract them with the QuickBMS script you gave me, and you'll get the output files.
  2. Those output files need to be extracted with a U8 archive extractor. I use the "wszst" tool included in Wiimms SZS Tools, a CLI interface tool. Use "wszst EXTRACT <path to U8 archive.>" to extract it.
  3. Next, you'll get a folder with two files we need, thumbnail_LZ.bin and letter_LZ.bin.
  4. We need to extract the LZ files with gbalzss, another CLI interface tool. Use "gbalzss d <input file> <output file>" to decrypt both of them.
  5. We will need to use "wszst" fromĀ Wiimms SZS Tools again with the decrypted LZ file. Again, you need to use "wszst EXTRACT <path to decrypted LZ file.>" to extract it.
  6. Now we need to convert the TPL files in the U8 archive with the "wimgt" included in Wiimms SZS Tools. Use "wimgt DECODE <path to TPL files.>" to convert the TPLs to PNGs.
  7. Everything will look fine now, but there's one more step for the letter_LZ.bin files. We need to place all of the TPL files in the archive into a new transparent canvas that's 1024x752, obviously where they fit like a puzzle. When you did that, you need to resize your photo to 512x376. (Some pictures show tiny borders that aren't seen when resized.)

Here's an example of what you will end up with:

[Image: Calling%202.png]

[Image: Calling%202.png]

Or you can see all of the letters and envelope icons here.

I haven't tried the other files though, but looked at a decrypted one from Mario Party 6 (they use the same compression) in a hex editor and it looks like it's similar to the files in TV Friend Channel maybe.

Have you found out what the TV Friend Channel uses though? People ripped models like Mario Party 8 with some 3D ripping software but I don't want to have to do that for TV Friend Channel.
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