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Sprite Compo #2 SPLATOON
With the blessings of Ton and the fact the Egg compo has come to a close may I present this months Sprite Competition.


[Image: 2717093-spratoonbox.jpg]

This game is going out near the end of the month, and I thought it'd be cool if VGR had a sprite compo based off this highly new Nintendo IP.

The rules are simple, make sprites based off the characters, locations or anything from the game we've seen in the previews, Directs and Advertising, edits are allowed but they gotta be A-MAZING.

Here's some inspiration to jump start your brain into thinking of ideas!

This That These dudes Some of this Go Wild!

 [Image: eIXo5wd.gif]

You've got till Today the 8th all the way to the 30th of this month!

[Image: CDxJK_TW0AAhh7N.png:orig]
[Image: JSW7XoM.png][Image: M9AUckK.png]
[Image: inkling.gif]
Good thing the Testfire got my creative juices flowing. I should probably clean that up later.
[Image: 1KwPd48.png]
First run, plan on adding the dive and jump with some spoogy gun shots.
[Image: nn7NZ0u.gif]
[Image: 76561198001704812.png]
Oh goody! Competition!
[Image: Spinninkling.gif]
At any rate, who ordered the Rotisserie Calamari?
[Image: uLBUjgu.png]
gonna add more soon/eventually
[Image: 0fa9070ccc.png][Image: 97cd208017.png][Image: 49c64c87fc.png][Image: 7b593de7f8.png][Image: d3a95bb163.png][Image: 1b2cd42f07.png][Image: 28930ed93a.png]
[Image: 93e2545f1f.png][Image: TfhEUCk.png]
[Image: vOmRPX9.png]
Gonna make more stuff too.
[Image: JSW7XoM.png][Image: M9AUckK.png]
[Image: YnLGadd.png]
Tried something. Probably never gonna finish it though.
[Image: eM1iuPR.png]
[Image: rHiHaRN.jpg]
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I understand that this is a sprite competition, but would it be okay if my possible entry for this contest is in the Paper Mario style I'm developing?
(02-27-2014, 07:31 PM)Gors Wrote: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SUCK. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SHOW YOUR SUCKY ART. I think this needs to go noticed to everyone, because sucking is not failing. Sucking is part of the fun of learning and if you don't suck, then you won't own at pixelart

it's ok to suck, sucking is not bad, just try and aim to always do your best!
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My entry. (Anyone is free to continue it as long as I'm credited)
[Image: lT8amrS.png]
I miss the Modgen project so much.  Cry

Edit: Quick fix on the head.
[Image: sonamy_animtitle_by_retrobunyip-dbg86ov.gif]
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[Image: Inkid.gif]
I dunno. I feel like I've got a very Sonic feel to my inkling.
[Image: SpGuIum.png]
So I said "screw it", and took the PBG edit a little farther. Also I would like to point out that the first two letters of the imgur Image ID are Sp. :p

[Image: UHk7iPP.png]
Starting to take this a little more seriously! Switched to an outlineless style, and I'm liking it a lot more!

[Image: cA1qSh7.png]
Betterer I think.
[Image: rHiHaRN.jpg]
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Gotta be careful with outline-less work. It's tricky to hit the right color-boundry so your character doesn't bleed into the background.

[Image: Splatdude.gif]
Splattershot and Splatdude.
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I tried, I used some of the other entries colors...
[Image: fSO6qxu.png]
I may finish this.
(Anyone else get a kids next door (tv show) vibe from these guys?)
[Image: Dv7vFPc.png]
[Image: mugen.gif][Image: 41583772.gif]

Love Gotta Have it:
(05-13-2015, 06:20 AM)E-Man Wrote: I understand that this is a sprite competition, but would it be okay if my possible entry for this contest is in the Paper Mario style I'm developing?

mmm I think your paper mario things you're making are more in the lines of drawing.

You are welcome to make some in Paper mario 1 style through.
[Image: JSW7XoM.png][Image: M9AUckK.png]
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[Image: Paint_Roller.gif][Image: running_inkling_by_cyberguy64-d8tduv6.gif]
Run! Run from the notOP power of the Splat Roller!

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