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Seeking advice on correctly viewing obj files from Summoners War
(Hi, new member here, sorry if I posted this topic in the wrong place, it looked about right though.)

Okay, I've scoured Google and searched for hours and found not a hint of info about which program I should use to correctly view the Summoners War obj files from here:

I apologize if this HAS been brought up, but I've tried at least 10 different obj viewers and all of them of problems viewing certain parts of the file.  Most of them couldn't not even open the file at all, and the ones that could had some sort of anomaly.   I don't if they were perhaps ripped incorrectly, or what.  Each program seems to view something that the other cannot. 

Now, I'm not very experienced with 3D models, so hopefully there is just a simple setting I need to fix?  I've at least always been able to view other obj and nif models with no issues in the past, which is why I'm confused.

Here is some visual examples of my problem.  


Poser Pro 2014

Open 3D Model Viewer

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time reading.
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Not one person knows why this happens? I don't know where else to ask. Sad This forum seemed like my best bet..
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All of those models were submitted by one person (aceres). While I obviously can't guarantee anything, a polite PM to them asking for further info may yield results a bit quicker. Like I said, I can't guarantee a reply but it certainly couldn't hurt to ask.
Thank you for your advice, I will do just that. Smile
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The only 3D tool I have is Blender, which is a modelling program. It's free but will need some learning.

I checked OBJ format here and created the files with that knowledge. OBJ and MTL files are in human readable form so you could perhaps modify them with notepad once you figure out a better way. I might have missed something or perhaps programs have certain settings.

The blackness is related to texture transparency. These models are low poly so the geometry/polygons of wings are a parallelogram shape. They gave that feather tip looks simply by having transparent regions in the texture image file. I guess one program doesn't read the transparency correctly or perhaps there's a setting to turn it on&off.

The disappearance is because of one sided polygons. I don't think OBJ format supports double sided so faces will disappear from opposite direction. These are either manually handled (like copying certain polygons and reversing) or the program has an option to draw backfaces. Blender shows backfaces by default.

Apart from these I'm not sure what's the best way to handle these issues.
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