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Wonderswan Digimon games project
Well, I've pretty much got Digimon Medley covered, but I don't see much of anything from the series where Ryo Akiyama stars; I know TSR has some from the color version of Anode/Cathode, but...

On the one hand, I can easily view the sprites in a tile editor (I use Tile Molester, I've been using that for the WSC games for many years), but the downside is that I can't get the color palettes from them.  I can only get colors from things like screenshots (like what I did with Digimon Medley), and for some reason I have a tough time figuring out how in the world to play some of those games!

So, anybody up for giving an assist by like, taking screenshots to get certain color palettes?  It's really easy for me to rip them from a tile editor, they just need the right colors.  I'll show you what I mean:
[Image: bravetamer_ex1.png]
[Image: bravetamer_ex2.png]

These are from Brave Tamer, the third and final in the Ryo series.  The ones who need certain colors are outlined in obnoxious lime green.  Some of them just need eyes or a certain shading color, others need an entire color palette.  I would so appreciate even just one shot to give an idea as to what they're supposed to be colored with!
[Image: 76561197998815477.png]
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