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PS2 Sound Ripping (Pac-Man World 2)
God, I'm so sick and tired of this. I've tried every damn thing imaginable for each version of the game and several programs and yet none of them work. I have a very low end PC mind you, but I do own the game in question. I need Pac-Man's Butt-Bounce and Rev-Roll sound effects in particular but so far every program I've used has not worked.

And just trying to emulate the game on my computer is out of the question. I am honestly just am in deep frustration and could use some help. At least a sort of program to help me look into the ISO file so I can snag the sounds would be nice. Any help here would be appreciated, Thanks.
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Try opening the ISO with something like 7-Zip or WinRAR. You can try converting any audio files you find with VGSC.
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Okay, Thanks to that I am now able to see files for the game, I however am not familiar with these types of files like IRX and BNK...

Any idea how I can view/open these files?
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