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HOTD4 model ripping?
Hello, everyone. I'm trying to rip a few character models from Sega's zombie shoot-'em-up game, The House of the Dead 4, from Playstation 3's PSN store. I obtained the .pkg file, extract the archive files inside, figured out which of those archives had the info for the characters I wanted, and(somehow)managed to extract the files inside those archives, via QuickBMS(while barely knowing what I was doing, btw.). That's as far as I've managed to get. Now I need a way to convert the HMDL models I have into a more useable file format, such as .obj. If necessary, I can post a text link to my dropbox account which has the file archives for the characters I wanted. Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Smile

The model files I have are HMDL, but upon closer inspection in a Hex editor, at the very bottom, the model's character name along with the extension ".cno" can be seen(i.e. "zb03a0_ur_empress.cno"). Which means that the model could actually be a .cno model file, though I'm not 100% sure about this.

EDIT: New Dropbox link to folder with Model file archives.
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Post some samples, I suspect the game uses the Sega NN Library engine.
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(01-11-2015, 06:39 PM)TGE Wrote: Post some samples, I suspect the game uses the Sega NN Library engine.

Ok, then.

Here are the links to the model-file archives for the characters I wanted. Each archive contains more than 1 model file, since most of the Characters are made up of more than 1 model, (i.e. The Empress(model file 1), and her double-bladed chainsaw(model file 2)).

The Empress:

The Star:

The World:

The Magician:

Hope this helps. Smile

EDIT: Updated first post with single link to folder with all desired characters model archives.
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