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TF2 Oldschool pack
hey guys, reposting the oldschool pack from FP onto here to see if i can get some texture help

[Image: P0sVcj8.png]
(these images were originally thumbs, had to change the code to img tags)
[Image: JIC5V9A.png][Image: k9GkpMV.png]
[Image: JLGHX9s.png][Image: GosKqdN.png]
[Image: zkrtHkd.png][Image: M0dWJEl.png]
[Image: C7dZYrq.png][Image: AcMP5Au.png]
[Image: VSY8j82.png]

V.12 Changelog:
- Redid Spy player model rigging
- Facial flexes for all 8 classes
- LODs for all 9 classes
- Added first set of cosmetic items for the new player heads: Capo's Capper, Cosa Nostra Cap, Made Man
- Added texture for the Tomislav
- Added texture for the Family Business
- Added model and texture for the Enforcer
- Added model and texture for the Big Earner, removed GameZombie's Big Earner LOD
- Removed useless .sw.vtx files taking up file space, saved 8MB
- Fixed Loch n Load not critboosting the entire sight, and fixed Loch n Load critboosting the ends of the barrels when it shouldn't

[Image: nqmjMGu.png]

***** TODO LIST 2015 *****

- player models updated to officially include zombies as they are ingame... for the most part.
- bot models
- misc props i feel like doing (upgrade station, spawn room cubbies? rockets? iunno...)
- Resize Neo's First Wave of hats that i fucked up by re-sizing the heads
- see if im motivated enough to finish/do npc's


- All festives
- All Botkillers
- All Breadmonsters and bread related items

(individual weapons are listed by class via class selection screen and by loadout slot and finally all-class)

- Gunboats?

- Iron Bomber (and projectile)
- Tide Turner
- Quickybomb Launcher (and projectile)

- AWPer Hand
- Huntsman
- Fortified Compound
- Machina
- Hitman's Heatmaker
- Cozy Camper
- Cleaner's Carbine

- Big Kill
- LeTranger
- DiamondBack
- Wanga Prick
- Spy-cycle

- Consciouencoius Objector
- Freedom Staff
- Bat Outta Hell
- Memory Maker
- Necro Smasher
- Saxxy

(most of these will have a basecolor texture that i made listed alphabetically)
(if i type a "dev" name of a weapon its because it would make it easier on the texturer)
(if a dev name is too obscure or vague i will put the ingame name next to it)

- Acr_hookblade
- Airstrike
- Amputator
- ApocoFists
- battalion_banner (battalion backup flag)
- Battling_Grass (Brass Beast)
- Bear_claws
- Bison
- Backscatter
- Cannonball? (Loose Cannon Projectile)
- canton (Huo Long Heater)
- Claid_mor
- Croc_knife (bushwacka)
- Iron Certain (Iron Curtain)
- Curtain_detail (leftover bits of the iron Curtain)
- dump_launcher (Beggars Bazooka)
- Fan_o_war
- Fire_bat (Sun-on-a-Stick)
- Fishcake
- Fists_of_Steel
- Gloove (Holiday Punch)
- Ham?
- Headtaker
- jag
- kunai
- Mackrel (may remodel)
- Mailbox (Postal Pummeler)
- Mangler
- Medigun_defensepack (Vaccinator Backpack)
- Melter
- Neon Annihilator?
- Neon_lights
- Original?
- Panic attack
- Phlogistinator
- Plate (for sandvitches)
- Pompadour (Pomson 3000)
- Reefer_hammer (Maul)
- Reft_fireaxe (Sharpened Volcano Fragment)
- Regreaser (Degreaser)
- Ring (apocofists leftover)
- scout_sward (Three Rune Blade)
- tfc_sniper (The Classic)
- Uber_needle (vita-saw)
- Vacination (Vaccinator)
- x_bow (crusaders crossbow)

bassically what this mod is trying to achieve is low tricount, and low texture size, and using the engine to pixelate said textures via the pointsample box.

my last texturer was snowshoe who was primarily a Super Mario World modder (sprites and mapping) and hasnt posted here very much decided to leave for personal reasons.

if you wanna texture drop me an add on steam here have some pixel art examples ready and ill get you some uv's the current basetexture (for color sampling purposes) and model (in your preffered format)
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I can't offer too much help, but I just want to say that these models are pretty damn awesome

[Image: 803ce84258.gif]
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Ooh, you should totally mod these into TF Classic! They'd look so sweet!
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358 tris onna 64x texture

[Image: quad_ball.png]

as for a tfc edit, you mean something like this? but... updated?
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He is saying find a way to make it compatible with TFC, honestly i'd prefer a version for Fortress Forever but that game isn't popular.
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im putting together a proper modelsheet album for all the models added to the pack

here is a random sample (since the amount of images currently is over 110 which is 10 over the max image limit)

[Image: th_The_original_zpsd4ddd3e3.png][Image: th_splendid_screen_zps7107e5a8.png][Image: th_The_black_box_zps80bcc82c.png][Image: th_Sydney_sleeper_zps47e3e848.png][Image: th_Shortstop_zps0edb4d28.png][Image: th_Short_circuit_zpsbdb36c90.png][Image: th_Sharp_dresser_zps4c68f294.png][Image: th_SHahansha_zps50260485.png][Image: th_Scot_handshake_zps20f10553.png][Image: th_Scorch_shot_zpsd5d2c75a.png]
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I'd love to see the view models also!
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