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Good pixel art programs for Mac?
Oh hey guys.

I've been thinking a bit lately and I want to see if I can get myself back into Pixel Art. Trouble is that most of the good programs like Graphics Gale are only for Windows to my knowledge and I made the switch to Mac since I have no time or money to even update a Personal Computer that requires me to constantly get parts just to get an upper edge on the technology I need.

I know I could get Windows 7 on this and use Bootcamp to my advantage, but as of now that's kind of unfeasible since I have no idea where all my discs for computer programs are. Until then I'm wondering if there is good software that's convenient as graphics gale that is designed for Mac?
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Dunno if it's compatible with Mac but try aseprite. That program's pretty cool.
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Do you have a flash drive with at least 4GB of space? Just download a windows iso and you can install Windows with no disc needed.

My mom has a Mac so I've looked into it and as far as I can tell, the best pixel-specific program is Pixen but it costs money now, unfortunately.
Imo none of the Mac programs are as good as mspaint, even the ones that specifically try to copy it. All of them are missing features in some way or another that paint has shipped with for years.

Macs do have Photoshop though, if you can get ahold of that.
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As far as downloading a windows ISO goes, I could do that. However I have to be careful about downloading stuff since my parents moved to an area where the only internet access we can get is through satellite and they can't seem to figure out a way to get unlimited internet access just yet. (living in the mountains suck like that unfortunately) So that's not the best option far as bootcamp goes.

I had my windows 7 disc at one point, however along with all the other programs I had on a disc with my PS1 and PS2 games, I haven't found em.

In any case, I'm getting photoshop as we speak, however in my honest opinion while it's a powerful program I wouldn't use it to make pixel art, So I will probably look into Pixen as well as Aseprite
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If you want, you can always give Adobe Fireworks a try. It's a little expensive and a bit buggy, but it is very useful in pixel art. Not only can you use the vector shapes to block out the sprites, but also it has an easy to use animation feature to create GIFs and test animations.
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PikoPixel is a free pixel-art editor for Mac OS X:
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