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WIP all over the place need opinions
the final product will have the body animated slower so the claws will be less jumpy

yeah, I am trying to get the tail bobbing slightly
[Image: ZIGE5FE.png]
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Here is my latest pieces compiled
[Image: 5SaA4cP.gif]
[Image: FOqzb2O.gif]
[Image: T2LsYEv.gif]
[Image: e86J2oG.gif]
[Image: lxZOCvi.png]

and yes the firebird will bob up and down in the final piece.

these are my pieces from tile work I need help with:

[Image: TbqMD7f.png]
[Image: MIYKGwi.png]
[Image: QWYUxG5.png]
[Image: KScWFeJ.png]
[Image: HfEiERq.png]
[Image: R79IZp4.png]
[Image: QcCEaHx.png]

really need C+C and I'm looking for recruits to expand this universes assets
[Image: ZIGE5FE.png]
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[Image: G5ZeNEl.png]
here is a piece I'm proud of, but it has a large pallet
[Image: lMldbgH.png]
this one has a smaller pallet, but I still have 167 colors....I'm no good at small pallets
[Image: 56NBjrA.png]
I did a little work adding tiles for variation in open grass.
[Image: DIkxyu3.png]
a cute maybe cliche dynamic number font
[Image: knOiTmA.png]
never posted this as a still image

as always looking for help and where to go from here
[Image: ZIGE5FE.png]
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(06-24-2015, 10:12 PM)golbez22 Wrote: [Image: lMldbgH.png]
this one has a smaller pallet, but I still have 167 colors....I'm no good at small pallets
How about this:
[Image: W6MIKpb.png]
^16 colors^

From 160+ to 16 colors. If you're brave enough, you could trim it down a bit more, as the human eye barely notices a difference when the contrast is so low.

[Image: wiLS0Ra.png]
^12 colors^
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@Neslug what did you do to reduce the colors...I'm sure I could learn, but idk an easy way to determine which colors to keep or how to even go about bringing down the there a method, and a program that will help?
[Image: ZIGE5FE.png]
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I used Photoshop for it, but I'm sure there are other programs that can do the same.

How I personally manage my palettes:
1) Create a sprite using only a few shades of each color, smaller areas needing less. The shades can be handpicked or copied from a sprite that has a nice palette.
2) When drawing another thing, check if you can use those colors from your earlier sprite if possible.
3) Unless you are working with strict palette limitations (e.g. imitating a specific style), don't be afraid to add a middle shade to smooth things out a bit! Add as few as you can though.
[Image: mAHDue2.png]
^Here I added one shade between the two in an attempt to make the transition nicer looking^
4) This one's just a reminder of step two, but try to keep your colors multi-purpose. If you have a color you're only using for a small part on a single character, it should be easily replaceable.

When creating something like a large pixel scene, you can use some of the same techniques. The color count becomes even more important so you need to pay extra attention.
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I'm going to make the characters from the Rhythm Heaven/Tengoku/Paradise series in the style of Pokemon Trozei!/Link!.
I've already made some of them, but it's still a work in progress.

I'll make some more in the following months.
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That's nice, but please don't hijack others' threads to make announcements of your own anticipated work; make your own thread for these things once you have something to show.
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