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Basically a fangame I'm going to entirely sprite before I find a coder.

MGS3x Zelda , Stealth based, would serve as a prequel to OOT where one plays as a young ganon mercenary with Impa serving as Intel/backup in the Great war talked about in Alttp.

Right now all I have is a mockup, but my plan is to use boktai x alttp styled sprites and use the alttp overworld stretched 150% vertically.

[Image: C1BFban.png][Image: Wvq2lfn.png]
[Image: vUqDJfv.png]
I think i would make the only mechanics:
the block creator wand from alttp (to hide behind blocks)
the hookshot (the main weapon, to carry across gaps and bring enemies toward you)
Kojiro (always available, can use to fly oneself off ledges)
some kind of anti-hookshot, which would push enemies away rather than pull them towards you.
boomerang (stuns enemies)
Camo (decreases chance of being seen)
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and what would be different would be that all the items would be available from the start, except for camo, which along with heart containers would be the only items found in chests.
[Image: Fdge8Ld.png][Image: Fdge8Ld.png]
The goron hookshot reminds me of the bullets Model F uses in Megaman ZX. Will it be able to draw a path like that one, or does it use pathfinding to avoid blocks?
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