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Welcome back!
(09-20-2014, 03:20 PM)Petie Wrote: Hey everyone!

I know we've been down for a while today but I promise that it was for a good reason! Recently, MyBB (the software we use to power this forum) released version 1.8, which is a major upgrade from the version of 1.6 we were running before. Because there were so many changes though, we had to be careful about how we went about performing the upgrade. Last week, we tested an upgrade in place and it broke half of the forum so we decided we needed to start fresh but we obviously didn't want to lose the data we already had. A few days of planning and somewhere around 6 hours of prep time later, we had a clean install of 1.8 populated with all of the converted data from our 1.6 install. I'll spare you the technical details but suffice it to say that it was a complicated and delicate procedure.

On the surface, the site looks more or less the same as it did before but there have been a number of vast improvements to the back end that will make maintaining it much easier. Even on the front end though, you should notice much more consistency between themes and much sharper looking buttons now that we can use PNGs. There are a couple of minor new features that we've been wanting for a while as well so, as a whole, this was definitely time well spent.

We did a significant amount of testing and tried to be careful to copy everything over to the new install but the possibility that we missed something is ever present. So, as always, if you see anything wrong, just let us know. I kept backup copies of the original files and database so we should be able to restore anything we missed with little effort.

I'll wrap this up here for now so welcome back and enjoy!

So how long until we can download again every image i go to says Web Page not available
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It's fixed now Smile
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Don't know if this is relevant here, but the mobile mode site has this issue. When trying to check a user's posts, clicking the topic where they posted in on the results page takes you to page 1 of the topic, rather than their post.
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