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hellow there I'm Starlow
You are just bringing about your own demise. If he threatens your sister/brother with murder, don't say i didn't warn you.
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(09-21-2014, 11:06 AM)StarBob Wrote: He also swears

Oh Good Lord I Don't Know If We Can Tolerate That On This Forum With Such Christian Values

(09-21-2014, 03:32 PM)Koopson Wrote: You are just bringing about your own demise. If he threatens your sister/brother with murder, don't say i didn't warn you.

Frankly, I think we've had worse
We're not the nSider forums. If this user ends up being a tool/jerk/all-around awful, then yeah we'll probably ban him
If he ends up being okay, then good - he'll be OK

What forum is this though that follows its own members to warn about just how bad the member is, lol

(although Toony does sound really familiar...)
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Toony sound familiar because we used to have a member called Toony. He was a cool dude.

As for Koopson, we don't judge our users based on their actions elsewhere or based on what people of whom we have no idea who they are say about them. If he deserves to be banned, it'll happen, otherwise, please refrain from calling out a user simply because you have bad blood between them on a matter external to our site.

Frankly, while I respect what it is you're saying, you come across a gigantic asshole and it's not really playing out how I think you want it to. Refrain from acting like an ass.
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Not only that, but whatever Starlow did on those forums has nothing to do with what he does here (which has been nothing thus far). You're just dragging off-site drama onto here where it doesn't belong.

If you don't like the guy that's fine, but it's not okay to just randomly come in here and bash him over past events which are irrelevant to VGR. He hasn't broken any rules here. If he starts trouble, we'll take care of it.

EDIT: Welp got ninja'd big-time.
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Nevermind, toony would fit in perfectly here. Enjoy your new life, starlow. I hope you don't get into trouble, and remember us sometimes, please. And if you feel like coming back, just ask one of your friends here to come along too. Goodbye toony, and good luck. But, if anyone does come, they need to not curse. The forums don't look very highly on that. and from an administrator no less.
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d'you hear that dazz ???

he said you sweared Surprise

i wouldn't take that from him if i were you, nuh uh
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Well, this has been interesting. Never come to epigam or pcpuzzle, you all are jerks.
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He started off with the username "Powerstar111" making some topics about updates for his project about recreating the Wonderland series on various different programs such as unity3D, PC, Mac, Iso, WiiU, Nds, N3ds. Completely unrealistic and ridiculous. We told him that 1. Copying someone else's games without permission is copyright. 2. If you're going to make a topic about a project you have to have updates, like pictures or videos. But you've made multiple topics about the same projects and haven't uploaded any content. 3. Basically, you haven't actually done anything that you've claimed to be doing. This is not surprising as the ideas that you brought here are absurd to begin with, so please just drop all these nonsensical claims and just be a normal user who just appreciates the series, and contributes in a normal way like making levels/adventures.
To this he responded:
Then made multiple topics threatening to leave the forum. It's his choice, and obviously he wasn't actually leaving so we banned him. I just had a feeling this wasn't the end.
Almost a month later, "new" user "MegaStar" joined the forum. His attempt to pass himself off as a new user was completely futile and there was no question in hand that they weren't the same person. He could have just waited another month and we told him that we would unban him. But no. That was just to long. He was now claiming to make a Wonderland animation. More realistic, but over time it became so obvious that yet again it was all talk and no action. So we demanded he posted a picture or something to prove that he is actually making this animation. It took a while, but eventually a posted a picture which could have been done in five seconds. It was a yellow circle (face) with two white circles inside (eyes with no pupils) and a white line (distorted mouth). MegaStar was banned for ban evasion and similar reasons. But it's not the end. It never will be the end.
Just a week later, "new" user "Toony" joined and didn't even bother trying to disguise himself. He just ignored that he'd been banned and just carried on. He got his own forum which usually isn't working and hasn't got any content on there anyway. He constantly shuffles things around on his forum and changes it pointlessly. He also sent countless PMs to several members on the forum asking them to come to his forum multiple times, even though there is absolutely no point in going there whatsoever. Occasionally he came up with a strange idea that we all knew wouldn't get any progress on, but that really was it. Eventually, Toony got IP banned and the site administrator said "Alright, I hope I took care of it this time. In case this pond scum starts growing back, PLEASE ignore all its posts.". I hope it is permanent, but the ride never ends with Toony, and I suspect he'll just join the forum again on another computer some day.

I guess you'll just have to experience all this for yourselves. And oh boy, will you experience it. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Overall, he's an appalling failure, and he's committed many crimes.

You have been warned.

P.S. Sorry about Koopson he is a jerk. And don't ask me why I came here.
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I didn't say anything billybob. I just told them what he did. You, however, phrased it very rudely. Im done here. BTW, how is santa?
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You know, Koopson and Starbob, you guys are always welcome to post here. We're pretty cool towards new people, as you might've already noticed :0)

So if you guys are ALSO looking for a fresh start, welcome!

Spoiler:also, maybe he's here to start a ~new life~, avoiding the cattiness you guys just exude
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I'm just a nobody on here (aka "I literally just registered for this post"), but FWIW, as a moderator on PCPuzzle, I'd like to apologize for this incident (particularly Koopson's behaviour - I don't know what he thinks he's doing, telling everyone on PCPuzzle to shut up about Starlow one minute only to chase him over here and lambaste him the next). I fully agree that shenanigans outside of vg-resource should have absolutely no bearing on whether or not Starlow deserves an account here.

We're only a small community, but we're not all like this, I swear! Only most of us.
Hey, Kyuu -

Is there any way you could take some moderator actions against those two, possibly for forum invasion or the like?

I'd be really embarassed and possibly upset with those two members possibly giving your forum a poor reputation on account of two bad apples.
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shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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(09-21-2014, 08:35 PM)Kosheh Wrote: So if you guys are ALSO looking for a fresh start, welcome!
Hi i'm new to the fourm my reall name is StarBob.

since i was born into this world my only desire has been to remake WLD and WA1 for with unity3D PC,Mac,Iso,WiiU and make WA1,WLD for Nds Or N3ds and release demos, or make a wonderland animation

i will NOT STOP until i have forfilled my lifelong ambitoin, i pretend to be 15 but in fact i am 10 (allmost 11). i sit in my room all day sending MS messages begging him to let me back onto the fourm, or trying to come up with a clever fresh new username and persona to pass myself off as new user

NoOnes nice on that form!
I wanted to make realy cool games but it over, IF Ever comeing back they have to be nice and stop tell me i stole desighs
and stop complaneing about me i don't when i comeing back!

this is why i came here.
I know the Drawing is not very good but get working on it
After it's done i'll post A link to the project folder
I have lost's of drawing and Animateing.
Wen it's done I'll upload it on youtube and give a link to it.
But can someone give me some idea's for WLD Animtion Demo
How should it start
what should it be about
any idea's?
if you do have idea's please post thum
this animation is 10 sec long.
It also take a long time to export the animation

Also where can I get the editor for Wa eary build.
and by the way i found a
blitz3d decompiler
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Ok, as someone who has been apart of this community for 10 years, let me tell you guys a thing.

You guys might not like people swearing, on contrast, we don't like people censoring their words. You might think that you're being helpful by warning us, but in reality you're not. We give everyone a chance, that would also include you guys if you decide to stay. We've always had this policy, and well the policy of "if it doesn't happen on our forums, it's honestly not up to us to punish them for it." Of course these policy's do have their own exceptions, but in a case like this, there is no exception to be made. As far as I can tell, he seems to have been just a general ass to your community but he has yet to do so to us.

Due to my whopping 10 years of being here, you have to understand, we are not new in any sense of the term, when it comes to dealing with trouble makers, we have banned many of people over the years for many of different reasons, and sometimes these members do make alternate accounts to come back after we've told them no, and have to tell them no more then once. It's really not a big deal and well, thats what my Job is here, to help Dazz maintain the peace while helping out members who might need it.

Death threats from someone over the internet is something to laugh at unless they actually provide proof of your address. It wouldn't make me fear for my safety unless they can give me a reason as to why I should.

Just relax, become members of our community, and let the staff handle any issues that happen here. We're here for a reason ;3
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has there been a mario rpg 4 dream team fan game made yet?
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