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A non blurry version of this sheet
Could someone please upload this old sheet by Angryboy in a non blurry version? I do not consider this a request because it is not asking for any new work to be done to an image.
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Well first off, there's no way to un-blur a sheet. It's like asking to un-cook an egg; once it's like that, you can't reverse the process. Blurring loses quality and there's no way to get that quality back from the blurred image. The fact that this looks shrunk (rather than JPG'd or the like) kind of strengthens the fact.

I couldn't find any identical sheets on the web in better quality, so your best bet is to simply ask Angryboy himself, if you know how to contact him. I think he may be the same person as ShaddyShadow on DeviantArt, so you could give that a shot.
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