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Zelda II enemies edit sprites
No much to say, here some edited sprites from Zelda II that I want to share and see others opinions.
[Image: zelda_ii_enemies_sprites_edited_by_estba...7wqmge.png]
Link of the picture(Dropbox)
I would like to edit others sprites in the future, but no so sure about it. Anyways, hope you like it.
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you have a ton of banding going on and your palette count for that entire image is over 5000 different colors, meaning that either you hand selected thousands of colors for these sprites, or you used some sort of tool not applicable for pixel art.

I'd suggest severely reducing the amount of colors you have to reasonable palette sizes for each set of sprites, and trying to avoid banding because it tends to "smear" the sprite and makes it look flat.

I'm not saying these are bad, mind you, but they could definitely use improvement.
[Image: 22610_s.gif]

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