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Power Bomberman 0.4.1
Hey guys, first time posting here. I've had a Bomberman fangame in development for a longer while as a side project of sort and I thought I could present it here.

Power Bomberman is a tribute to the franchise, joining together the best parts of grid-bazed games. The game is being developed in Game Maker 8.1. The current version is 0.4.1, you can find the download links below.

The game's gameplay/visual style mostly mimics that of Saturn Bomberman, easily one of the best titles in the series. Even though this fangame isn't finished yet, there are quite a lot of features, including:
- Battle Mode - up to 12 players in one match, AI included
- Battle Trial Mode - for single player, over 50 battle scenarios to clear
- Score Mode - for single player, play through 20 randomly picked stages

- smooth 60fps gameplay
- gamepad support
- 36 selectable character skins, some of them have to be unlocked
- Standard and Wide stages, the latter based on Saturn Bomberman's Wide stages and Hi-Ten Bomberman; every stage has multiple variants
- ability to play Free-for-alls and Team matches
- large variety of pickups from many games, ranging from standard Bomb Kick and Bomb Pass, to Power Glove and Push, to more obscure ones like Bead Bomb and Cosplay; there are some original items too!
- Ruis, based off their Super Bomberman 3 appearance
- Revenge Bomber, has both normal and super variants (the latter allowing you to return to the battling field)

Video preview:

While the game is still work-in-progress and there are still features to be added, like Normal Mode and possibly netplay support, I hope you will enjoy the game in the current shape.

Download links:
Music (should be downloaded alongside with game files)

Credits are included in the package. Feedback or support would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Well I can't play it, but judging from the screenshots alone, pretty fuckin' amazing!!
Once there was a way to get back homeward
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Thank you, recorded a video, check out OP
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This looks excellent! I'm downloading it A.S.A.P.!
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