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Another 360 issue.
Well, as obsessed as I am with the South Park series, and determined as I am to at least unravel one of their games, I have another issue.

Enemy Textures
This file is from the oddly named Tower Defense game featuring South Park characters for the XBOX360. I was hoping we could decompress and extract the textures....
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Unfortunately, this looks completely compressed and I can't make heads or tails of it, and can't find anything about it online. Running it through TrID gave me this:

Collecting data from file: EnemyTextures.bin
33.3% (.PXD) Pixlr layered image (2000/1)
33.3% (.PIV) Pivot stickfigure animation (2000/1)
16.6% (.DMG) Disk Image (Macintosh) (1000/1)
16.6% (.XMI) XMill compressed XML (1000/1)

But I can't say that helps me much, since I'm not sure how to separate those, or if it's even correct.

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Also not helping very much, but I can guarantee that none of those formats are correct. They might seem similar to the app but it's an absolute impossibility that any of those would actually be there.
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