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[INDEV]Neo Magiko 2 - Inertial Space Arena SHMUP
[Image: title.png]

Neo Magiko is an arena shooter with a focus on inertia in space combat.

[Image: nm_screen01.png]
Specifically, you can't move directly, but instead can move only by firing your weapon! If you hold the button, you'll charge your weapon while also firing off some brakes to slow you to a stop: releasing a fully charged shot will also have increased firepower and movement strength.

[Image: nm_screen02.png]
Each level, you fight incoming waves of one type of enemies and a boss, then move on to the next, where you might run into members of previously defeated enemy types.

[Image: nm_screen03.png]
If you get hit, you'll lose your shield, and if you get hit again before your shields regenerate, you're dead! However, as long as you still have one of your three lives left, your progress in that level won't be lost.

Planned Features:
+ More enemy types and bosses
+ Switchable player weapons
+ Player scoring
+ An endgame


+ Here's a WIP version. Controls are the mouse to aim and the left mouse button to fire.
You can press escape to return to the menu/exit the game, F4 to toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes, Z to pause/unpause, and N to continue to the next level after beating the boss.

Development Details:
+ Game Maker Studio Professional
+ Credits:
- Kitsu: Programming, game design, animation
- Zac: Pixel art
- Gorsal: Music (old music from the original game)

Original Game:
+ The original game this one is based off can be found here:

[Image: icon_nm.png]
this is great, looks great, and the people working on it are great

whats not great though are the logos
that beige cursive Magiko looks quite bad, i'd be willing to redo it for you if pixelart cursive really isn't your thing

and the kitsu code logo looks waaay too amateur (yes, you're precisely an amateur but cmon you can do better than this)
like the organization/fonts and stuff are okay, but why'd you rush it so much ?
[Image: E3DU8rS.png]
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because I like rushing things all the time

rush rush rush rush rush

the game logo is literally the old game's logo with tiny changes lol

but no, if there's a real reason to rush, it'd be because I want people to play it and get feedback; a bunch of the enemies are also still super placeholder

Honestly, if I didn't adopt a "rush" attitude to it, development would probably go too slow for me and then I'd lose interest before getting anything done. I do plan to make things prettier and more polished as development continues, and I appreciate the critique. The kitsucode logo itself was just dumped in from an old portfolio site since I didn't feel like making a new thing at the time, and both logos are likely to be redone/replaced/re-whatevered in the future.
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