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Creepy Video Game music
So, you're playing a game and enjoying it's music. However, do you have a particular music track in mind that makes you shiver in fear or is otherwise unsettling?
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Inb4 Lavender Town.

Actually though, the "boss" music in Hotline Miami freaks me out a bit. I'm replaying it and whenever I hear it it means that I actually have to kill someone who is aiming to kill me at the same time. When most of the game is sneaking up and killing guys who usually don't know you're there, this can be a bit nervewracking.

I can't think of anything genuinely creepy though, at least not now.
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this one made me feel unsettled when I was just a kid watching my brother play...

I don't really play scary games myself though. I'm sure I've heard a lot of stuff that's creepy in a different way but I can't think of any right now!
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Sonic.EXE's "Hill" theme.

Sure, it's a creepypasta video game and all, though in the right places in videos it gets pretty uneasy and goshdarn scary pretty quick, especially considering the theme of it. Embarassed

(And god sonic.exe's design is the stuff of nightmares for me, i am da ultimate wimp)
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Mystic Cave Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2's "Single Player" Mode comes to mind. It was pretty creepy as a kid. The two player counterpart wasn't as scary, though.
I'd say the unused track from Earthbound gives off a bit of a scary vibe.
Since we are limited to one video, I'll just include this one as the video because its probably less heard than the mystic cave zone.
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Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday has some unexpectedly creepy music (not to mention some of the visuals). Just check this out:


And further along there's this tune:

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Playing this right now and just walked into this
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Super Paper Mario - River Twygz Bed
Sonic CD (US) - Boss (but I decided it'd be more pants-shitting to link to a video of the creepy hidden message screen)
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Do I even need to say why this one is terrifying?


As for this one, I think this is a fitting tune if Zelda becomes corrupted by evil and uses the Triforce's power to leave Link near death.
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I love the Dragon Quest 8 soundtrack. Its amazing in its own right, but this one in particular in during a point where you're literally in a "Dark World", as in no color or anything. Its just very melancholy and its kind of scary just because it makes you sad with it as well.
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I'll just post the whole Easter egg

Music is the boss theme from sonic CD US obviously, but it's more fitting with this image.
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Freakin' title screen to Skate or Die 2. Blank It's like someone just plugged their loud bass guitar into the soundchip.
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I played this fight with the volume completely turned down when I was little. Still a bit unsettling.
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