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Submitting models?
It's been around a year since I've submitted anything, and dayum, things changed. The icons are bigger, the preview pictures are different...

I've got some models I want to submit, but... I know nothing. xD How do you guys want the icons done? How do you guys want the preview images done?

I know nothing. Cry
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What you would need for the icon/preview would be a decent render of the whole model. If you don't have the ability to do so, don't worry -- you could always submit the model as-is without 'em. It might take a bit longer to be accepted since one of the other staff members (like myself) would have to make the previews for it, but it's still something that could be done.
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Providing icons is always appreciated though so if you'd like to learn, take a look at the "Icon Renovation Project" thread in the news section. It focuses on the small icons but the same process applies to the previews too. The required sized are listed on the submission form.
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