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The New Site is Here!
Hello everyone! As I'm sure you were immediately able to tell, we have launched the new version of our site! With this new layout comes the long-awaited counterpart to our new game icons - the sheet icons!

Many of the sheets/models/textures in this updates posted with the launch are already taking advantage of this new format. We aren't quite finished with the conversion from our old style icons yet though so you'll still see those around the site as well. We've done our best to make them fit in as much as possible but just know that they're temporary and in the process of being replaced. If you'd like get involved in this process, check out this thread for more info.

So, enjoy the new site, the new icons, and keep an eye on the forum tomorrow for more details about our new submission process and more information on getting involved in the renovation! We know the drastic layout change will take a bit of getting used to so, as always, leave us your feedback and bug reports below.

-Petie & Dazz
Much better than before Big Grin
Best site for sprites Smile
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