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What are you playing? c'mon, tell me punk!
Just Hearthstone, I haven't had time to play much else recently. Curse of Naxxramas was recently released though and it's quite fun so far.
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I've been playing Conception 2 and it's just the right mix of rewarding, addictive, and a fucking trainwreck to keep me going.

Gross guilty pleasure bishoujo games, why must you be so fun
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Oh god, Triple Deluxe.. That final battle was so fucking epic and atmospheric.

The postgame content is super awesome too, and I haven't even gotten all the Sun Stones yet. I know they unlock levels, but I wonder what all of them together will unlock...
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BattleBlock Theater (thank you Kosheh!). Loving it, it's basically Super Meat Boy but way easier. The cast is a bunch of adorable little people with differently-shaped heads and evil rotten cats. Co-op is also awesome. You can mess eachother up and work together to get past obstacles.
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Game & Wario, AC: New Leaf, and Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is what I'm playing lately. I recently also beat Ufouria: The Saga again on Wii U VC.

In Game & Wario, I'm just trying to get as many tokens as possible to get collectibles. I'm working toward the 500 hour mark in New Leaf. I'm also trying to finish another Windfall Island sidequest before exploring The Great Sea trying to open the next two dungeons (I've past the half-way mark in the game).
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Freakin' SEGA Ninja. This game's balls hard.

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SEGA needs more female protagonists though, not gonna lie.
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just finished a session of guitar hero world tour with my cousins. it was really fun playing even tho my hands hurt right now Sick
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That sinking feeling when you get to the final four bosses of a Kirby boss rush and realize that you have NO healing items left because you squandered them.

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New Super Mario Bros. U, which is... Really good, actually. I didn't think I would like it since I didn't like NSMBWii at all, but I'm having loads of fun with this one just as I did with NSMB and NSMB2. It really makes me wonder what was so awful about the Wii game...

I'm also playing Advance Wars, but I fear it's probably too technicaly for me >.>;; I can't really remember all of the vehicle types or their uses...
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(07-30-2014, 11:53 PM)TomGuycott Wrote: That sinking feeling when you get to the final four bosses of a Kirby boss rush and realize that you have NO healing items left because you squandered them.

Ever gave Leaf a try? The way it makes you invincible is a lot less cumbersome than how Stone does it and offers a larger variety of attacks. It's extremely cheap, but that's how I took out the boss rush in my game.
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it's ok to suck, sucking is not bad, just try and aim to always do your best!
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I may try that. I did well with Archer again, but then I accidentally spit it out before the second to last boss. I beat that boss with a SLIVER of health using Sword, and I thought I had the final one in the bag... But something unexpected happened. Sad
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Finally 100% Spelunky, that hell run was super brutal but it's all finally over.

Also for some reason I decided to try out Rustys baseball for the 3DS.
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(07-31-2014, 09:22 PM)TomGuycott Wrote:
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.... Seriously?

Hang on a second.

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Man, Archer is so powerful. Basically picture being Mega Man X, but you can aim your blaster wherever you want and duck to instantly use Kirby's Stone power whenever you want, and add on some less powerful, but functional and flashy looking moves.

"Oh shit, Kracko's raining thunder down on the whole screen, better hide behind this cardboard bush!"

Guess what, though: I almost didn't win. I got to the very end and lost my power around the same spot I usually do. Luckily, I had the tomato saved and scooped up a Spark power up. So the final final battle ended up being very reminiscent of my Superstar days when Plasma was my favorite power. It's changed a lot since then, but I enjoy it a lot still, because not only does it incorporate the functionality of the Spark and Plasma power-up, but it has a nice touch of actually losing charge when the shield you make is hit, which is a nice touch and a good balance.

In short, I cheesed the Arena and then fought the final boss legit. X:
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