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Makin' a new thread cause my old ones are ooooooold and I've been doing some non-fakemon stuff

I'm probably not going to edit a lot of these, so until I post a WIP or something, I'm mostly looking for examples of what I could do better next time!

[Image: 6YqrTsh.gif]

Commission I did for someone on Subeta of their deer magical girl character.

[Image: 392l7hY.png]

pixel portrait of Chisame from Negima. I'm proud of this one even if the BG is sort of lazy (those patterns took 5ever though)

[Image: w34dQ2U.gif]

Chisame and Chachamaru, "flower crown"

[Image: 7cbhDid.png][Image: 44jJfvR.png]
Gen3 sized front and backsprites done as a commission - I had only some very basic sketches to work from, so I had to work out things like proportion myself, haha...

[Image: FCbgyMR.gif]
[Image: pYV0084.gif]
[Image: d24R71F.gif]

More fakemon, of my own design.

I plan to have a WIP to show soon, likely either a pixel portrait or some fighting game idles, so I'll post that when I get them to a workable stage.
Loving the magical girl character, the fibers on the arm look really good! The patterns on the Chisame sprite also look real clean. Big Grin
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