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Alzorath's Sprites
I'm painfully new at pixel art, and spriting in general... and am looking to improve it for the purposes of using Sprite animations in a few of my upcoming videos (and based on interest by a few of my viewers, possibly even turning some into games in the future after I brush the dust off and relearn how to program lol). I think these initial attempts are turning out "okay" (could use some improvement), though I will definitely need a lot more help when it comes to doing full blown scenes for these characters to interact in (haven't braved this yet, but will very soon).

I've also gotten several requests for sprites of people's minecraft characters oddly enough, so I figure those will give me additional practice (and be good cannon fodder for getting even more advice on how to refine these).

Currently, the main stuff I've been working on are sprites in the FF6 style (studied it fairly heavily before starting, but for my purposes I knew a simple paint-over wouldn't work, since I need the models to be much more dynamic than in the game itself for animation purposes - though I am definitely looking very closely at how the base poses are visually established)

Here's the first 3 attempts at the style (zoomed 10x for detail - when I have a complete sprite-sheet for a model, I'll post it using proper transparency & at 1x resolution) - first one is my avatar, and has an actual set of movements animated, the 2nd and 3rd are some collaboration partners, are static, and were done later (I will likely animate them after finishing the sprite sheet for my main avatar):

1st - Alzorath [FF6 variant] - basic pose:
[Image: MITVfrB.png]
Back view:

2nd - Skeptical Squirrel [FF6 variant] - basic pose:
[Image: n1ZR1xz.png]

3rd - Mod1982 [FF6 variant] - basic pose:
[Image: AaNGbaE.png]

As I add more models, I'll update this post, but they'll also be posted to the gallery for it ( )

As I am also looking for critiques on the animations, here's one of the 'proof of concept' animations for my avatar that I'll be using, I intentionally made the walk slightly "gliding" to make it reminiscent of the cutscenes/tutorials in FF6, though I may have overdone it (opinions welcome):
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