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SpriteShowcase.. Lots of Zelda and Another Sprites and Styles.
This is stuff i've done in the past! I guess is my way of saying hi again! Smile
Raphael From The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. it was for a Compo at PT i got second place. Borat owned meTongue
[Image: Kp9E1RX.png]
The king Of Canada, Designed by a Friend.
[Image: biEd61E.png]
Deku Sprout From TLOZ Ocarina Of Time.
[Image: HME4319.png]
Spiritual Stones in GBC Style, some sprites were allowed 5 colors (Or maybe it was 2 layers, im not exactly sure) The animations are wrong, please Ignore them.
[Image: 9nbd5vw.png]
The "Horns" .
[Image: W9mH3VA.gif]
Fado From Minish Cap (TLOZ) in MC Style.
[Image: JhWoLT7.png]
Link, Lineart taken from the OOT Manga.
[Image: TDASnZ0.png]
Malon, Saria and Zelda From TLOZ Oot and Bomberkid From TLOZ Majora's Mask in Totw Style (Tales Of The World).
[Image: G73uBNW.png][Image: FjXhHUB.png]
[Image: 7oEqqB2.png][Image: x0xSR68.png]
A failed Attempt to do an Idle Animation of My Char in Totw Style
[Image: Db7GsYI.gif]
An old friend of mine named Luigi64 at Deviantart in Totw Style.
[Image: 40cUfl8.png]
Link in a Custom Style.
[Image: wYYMtM9.png]
Epona From TLOZ oot, This was made for a Duel long time ago 10 colors.
[Image: 9q8Jc40.png]
A Divine and Past/Future Deity being transformed by the ooze at his feet.
[Image: DG4t4Bc.png]
This was for a Global Compo at PT( Pixeltendo) I did Eye traced Link, see it as a resource (Maybe someone can do something Good with it). The other stuff i just Colored it.
[Image: XBfZBr3.png]
Another Global (forum) Custom Mecha, Shading on Wario, And choose a good Pallet for the Skull were the Tasks.,VMiSgTE,BYrPpgF#1
This is a Link made in a Custom Style for a Project Called "SSBA" at Pixeltendo.
[Image: sBQTAcd.png]
Malon Icons, (If someone would just help me get them bigger...)
[Image: nQ3bzwc.png]
Mascaracan from the TV Show Mucha Lucha
[Image: GNthPNQ.png]
My Char, Shawn's And Sheik in Gonzo's Style (Old Member) OSM did the Lineart for Sheik, and Shawn Made the other 2.
[Image: 9AyFSLH.png][Image: OY16wYg.png]
[Image: IeCy204.png]
My Char in Mimigas Style
[Image: HXV5alf.png][Image: SLOKYp3.gif]
My Char in Shawn's Chibi Style!
[Image: bpR9kaV.png]
Another Style i tried for fun
[Image: kgywvNJ.gif]
8Chibit Style of My Char, the eyes were a joke, i didn't made those. the Style was invented by Marnic(Old Member of PT)
[Image: ITQ9BpF.png]
Pokemon Screen Made for Fun
[Image: qPCuT2I.gif] [Image: BYrPpgF.gif]
OSM made this Sprite, the only thing i did was the dance frames and animation.
[Image: WGIhIqo.gif]
Edmar, Carlos, Robot And Myself in OMGFossil Chibi Style
[Image: m2g1Rv4.png][Image: umAhExi.gif]
Blue from the TV Show Foster Mansion for Imaginary Friends.
[Image: jIb8OnO.gif]
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE ULTIMATE RECOLOR OF GLORY! ('s a joke! we all did one :p.. ok not.)
[Image: ZN4vM5r.png]

CC++ Always Appreciated. Thanks For Reading And Watching!
this brings me back, some of those would be considered as 'subpar' nowadays but they're really nostalgic to me
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If you like my C+C, please rate me up. It helps me know I'm helping!
[Image: deT1vCJ.png]
Holy crap, I actually remember some of these!
Do you still sprite nowadays?
[Image: ndsMEF0.gif][Image: sig.gif]
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goddamnit, i remember a lot of these from deviantart. especially

[Image: WGIhIqo.gif]

this one, which got me into the whole M&LRPG styled things.
[Image: XeE6VeC.gif]
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Gors - I do Believe my lvl is sub par right now, been looking around, there's alot of talent here still, and i see it develops faster than before.., i also think it's more than a sign to improve!

Vipershark - I really don't, but my intention with this is getting involved again until i crack the codeBig Grin btw anybody know what happened to TheChaindog, The dude seemed to disappear in the thin air. I actually lost the Love drawing he made me haha which is my Avy. was a badass Drawing damn. He had them in a gallery along time ago, along with all the love he made for others... oh well Tongue

I've been playing Majora's Mask alot, also getting alot into the subliminal message of that masterpiece, I'll be working in some custom Sprites of that.

Btw have you guys checked how far is Auhron in his Card Gallery Game? Dude's been working awful hard along with Orkimides, Although Ahuron said that Saria was gonna get into his card Gallery, at the end he made Better versions of each! I advise you all to check them out!!

Recme - I'm Really glad to read that! OSM(OldSkoolMario) made even more Awesome sprites than that one!
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